America's Armageddon

America's Armageddon

Spiritual warfare is raging all around us and many are becoming casualties of war during the inter-dimensional battles. Thousands have walked for miles with their children seeking asylum in foreign lands. This has been going on for years and it has finally reached the Americas. Thousands of refugees have arrived at the southern border of the United States of America attempting to get into the country to escape the chaos that has claimed thousands of lives.

Our news media outlets are showing old clips to hide the real reason why President Donald Trump is willing to shut down the entire federal government if he does not get the funding that he needs to build a wall in an attempt to keep these people out.  There is much more to this story than what the American public is being told.  Remember Koni 2012 when the US news outlets showed the American public 20 year old footage to steal millions of dollars in the name of humanitarian efforts?  This is why President Trump warned the American people that our news outlets show fake news stories.

Disease, possession, and mayhem are soon to come to a city near you.   Become a Golden Race member to learn the truth behind the wall crisis and the US government shut down.   Stay tuned for our upcoming video to be released in the next 30 days. 

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