The Phoenix Rising

Shamans know that destruction and creation go hand in hand. Before something can be created, whatever is already existing, must be destroyed.  Modern day science confirms this when they teach that two things cannot occupy the same place at the same time.    We are living in a time of transition where one system is being destroyed and a new one is soon to occupy its place.  Mankind has programmed all of humanity to fear this transition by creating fictitious stories of an Anti-Christ who will rule via a one world government.  This story was created with the sole purpose of intimidating you from returning to the divine path. 

REVELATIONS: The truth is that in the beginning, this planet was ruled by a single divine ruler with all of humanity in one mindset and on one accord working together in a unified fashion.  Archeologists have discovered this fact as they traveled across the globe and found similar architecture, coins, global tales of events, and artifacts to prove that the world was once a unified place.  There were no imaginary walls (borders) that required passes to cross. Humanity lived at peace with each other and with nature under the rulership of a divine Spirit which permeated all things.  This unifying force permitted self-governance which resulted in divine order.  All of humanity desired spiritual gifts instead of cheap coins, paper money, and sexual encounters.  Everyone was provided for and all needs were met without a police presence or a governmental system. 

As the consciousness on this planet fell, so did our unity.  An unintentional dimensional rift allowed low entities to enter the third dimension and the diamond consciousness that we once had was shattered into a million fragments.  The original one world system was replaced with military war regimes whose primary concern was global dominance and the confiscation and collection of personal wealth.  Humanity has been living this way for so long, that we beLIEve this is the only way to survive, but we are wrong and in the very near future we will remember the original way. 

Ancestral energy has returned to this planet and their influence on our daily lives has increased exponentially as the veil is thinning.  The unexplainable things that are taking place daily will continue to escalate as this spiritual battle rages on.  Your former selves (ancestors) are at war with demonic forces that have held us captive for years.  

The current planetary demonic reign is soon to end.  At the culmination of this cycle, we will be forced to release beliefs that no longer serve us.  Everything will be purified on all levels; physical and spiritual.  Many of the ideologies that we were taught to believe in has held us captive to the third dimension.  In order to be set free, we will all have to face our fears.

I wish I could tell you that it will be easy, but I would be lying.  You will meet challenges in this lifetime that will make you question EVERYTHING; however, once you are stripped of the illusion of who you think you are you will meet your true self.  

That is the goal.  
That is the mission.  
This is why you incarnated.  

So, don't fight the change, embrace it, knowing that like the Phoenix, you will rise from the ashes!     

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