Are You Sabotaging Your Own Life?

Many people consciously believe they are happy with themselves, however their subconscious minds may be holding on to some negative perceptions that are blocking their success.   Positive thinking helps remove these mental blockages by unlocking your mental creative faculties so you can make the necessary changes needed to live a successful life.  It is important that you take the time to explore your deep seeded thoughts concerning yourself. Your internal exploration will result in self-reliance and constructive personal improvements.  Knowing how you subconsciously see yourself will assist you in improving your life experience.    

Before you go to the next article believing this doesn’t pertain to you, take this mental quiz to evaluate your subconscious feelings concerning your life.  

Ask yourself the following questions:  (Please be open and honest)  

How do you truly feel about yourself right now?

Are you happy with the way your career has turned out?

If you are unhappy with your career, ask yourself why?

When you look in the mirror, do you like what you see?

If you are not happy with yourself, how can you improve your looks?

Is there anything in your life you would change if you could? If so, what?

Now that you have taken the time to think about how you truly perceive yourself, I would like for you to write down how you feel on paper and how you plan to make constructive changes to reach your desired goals.  Keep in mind that negative thoughts inhibit your success.  You must use positive thinking to make permanent changes in your life. 

By thinking positive, you are invoking your self-reliance skills which requires you to depend on your feelings in order to make good decisions and constructive changes.  For example, if your goal is to make a constructive change on your job, you would need to decide; (1) Does your current position make you happy? (2) How can you change your feelings concerning your position to be successful?

If you find that you are truly unhappy with your career, first figure out why you are unhappy, and then decide if you need to change your career field entirely.  Maybe your job is too stressful; if so, determine the specific cause of the stress and if you can, alleviate it.  Remember, you are the only one who can answer these questions to solve your problems.  

Use guides, such as meditation and goal setting to increase your self-reliance for making constructive changes.   

Meditation Techniques

Many people are practicing meditation in spiritual paths today, but did you know that meditation can be used to enhance your self-reliance skills?  When you meditate on a situation and focus on the solution, instead of the problem, you relieve stress.  Once the stress is released, you will be empowered to make better decisions which can result in positive life-altering changes.   

If you are unfamiliar with meditation, I highly recommend that you enroll in our Mystery School.  We teach our Initiates step by step how to utilize meditation and yogic poses to relieve stress and activate their chakra centers.  As our initiates align themselves with their higher mind they are empowered to make constructive changes in their lives.  

Set Goals

Goal setting is crucial to living a meaningful and purpose driven life.  If your desires were to lose 20 pounds, you could set goals to exercise daily and modify your diet to include healthier food choices. These changes alone will assist you in reaching your goal.  As your goals are met, your positive thoughts regarding your own self-reliance will improve.

Goals are helpful aids that can put you on a constructive life path.  You can use the goals you create to grow both spiritually and mentally, knowing that you alone were responsible for the constructive changes that have taken place in your life.    

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