My People Perish for a Lack of Knowledge

Religions teach you that God has the final authority on what happens in your life. Therefore, you can pray about a situation, but ultimately the change comes from him and him alone.  If you are coming from this type of religious belief system, you will end up struggling with self-confidence.  Believing that a force greater than you has complete control over your life has a crippling effect on your ability to manifest and change your reality. 

What is Confidence?

Confidence is the feeling or awareness of your own power.  This is a two-fold aspect as you must first, over-stand that you possess the power, and second, you must be consciously aware of this fact.  For example, if you are faced with an extremely long pit of sand and are asked to jump over it, you will feel confident if 1) you are a long jumper and have the physical ability to jump long distances, and 2) you are aware of this ability.  If you were an amnesiac who had forgotten that you are capable of jumping long distances, you would feel inadequate and believe this task was impossible for you to accomplish.

Types of Power

In order to rebuild your self-confidence, you should begin to seek out sources of power.  There are two types for power, intrinsic and extrinsic.  Intrinsic power is your internal power. This includes things like skills, knowledge, physical ability, etc.  Extrinsic power is external of yourself, given to you by others.  This includes money, political office, high status positions, etc. The development of both types of power will increase your self-confidence.  

The type of power you exhibit will depend on the situation you find yourself in.  For example, if you develop your skills in carpentry, you will feel extremely confident in a woodsman workshop.  Eventually this effect will naturally bleed into all areas of your life and you will feel more confident overall.  Therefore, I recommend that you concentrate on one skill, one success, one power, and allow it to grow into other aspects of your life.


Self-awareness is the second most important thing needed to develop your self-confidence.  More than likely, you already possess many skills and talents.  However, if you are unaware of these abilities, you will not adequately utilize them.  For example, you may be a very talented painter, but if you’ve never studied others’ artwork, then you will have no way to judge your own self-worth.  Therefore, you are left with two choices, (1) rely on the opinions of those who are knowledgeable about your field or (2) you will have to expand your own knowledge.

If there is a skill or ability that is important to you, seek to learn all you can about it. As you learn more about these skills, your ability will increase.  This will feed your self-confidence. You will also learn what others are capable of and how you rank among them. There is nothing wrong with constructive criticism, however, remember to be kind towards your own skill level, especially if you are trying something new.  You should only judge yourself against others who have been studying or working as long as you have.  Learn how to master your field and strive to reach those goals but don’t expect to reach mastery at the onset, remember, practice makes perfect.

In order to fully understand any power, you must test it.  This is why examinations and initiations were created.  These ceremonies seek to test a person’s abilities.  Once taken, you become aware of your personal strength and its limits.  You return to your life more confident because you have more knowledge about your abilities.  Finding ways to test yourself is one of the best ways to develop self-confidence.  If you personally cannot think of a way to do this, the Spirit will bring opportunities across your path to prove to you how powerful you really are.  Just be sure that you recognize your problematic situation as a divine source of testing.   

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  1. I know this to be true. Whenever I feel fear it steams from uncertainness