Unmasking the Coons in Your Life

There is a group of humanity that are literally negative energy wrapped in flesh.  These beings have walked beside man for centuries, but their time is running short.  Prior to mankind’s appearance on this planet, they were here, causing mischief and making trouble for humanity at large.  They are a miserable group who feeds off the negative energy of those around them.  In the near future, they will be removed from our 3-D reality, because they cannot hold enough light to continue this cosmic game, we collectively call life. 

Many people refer to these types of people as haters, sellouts, or uncle Toms, but we use the term “coon” because like a raccoon, they are out to steal your energy and will do so every chance they get.  These entities come in all races of men, so don’t think that just because they have melanin or belong to your racial group that they are not a coon.  It is of the utmost importance that you learn how to identify these diabolical spirits so that you can separate yourself from them prior to judgement raining down on earth. 

Here are eleven signs to know that you are dealing with a coon.

1) They love to gossip about people who are close to them. 
2) They enjoy working with law enforcement, repo men, or any type of authority to bring unnecessary pain to the lives of their family members.
3) They never aid you when you need help but will quickly ask for your help when they are in trouble.
4) They make you feel bad about yourself for no reason.
5) They love to infiltrate positive groups and organizations to cause discord.
6) They are mischief makers who feed off negative energy.
7) Regardless of how much you do for them, they are ungrateful.
8) They pretend to accept you but will work with others to hurt you.
9) They love working with the enemies of good people to destroy them.
10)They will turn you against those that truly love you and want the best for you.
11)They lack self-love

If you notice 3 or more of these traits in someone close to you, I can guarantee you; you are dealing with a coon.   The smart thing to do is to cut them off completely!  Don’t give them your address, telephone number, nor any other personal information that they can use to bring harm your way.  Regardless of who this coon is (mother, father, sister, uncle, cousin, etc..), leave them alone!  If you don’t you will find yourself in a terrible situation.

The coons have taken the mark of the beast.  This “mark” was symbolically placed on the forehead and hands to represent their thoughts and deeds.  They think like the beast, act like the beast, and will hurt you just like the beast.  Very few people realize that prior to the Ku Klux Klan destroying wealthy black towns in the 1920's, two coons showed up and videotaped all the wealth that these people had.  A few weeks later, all these towns were decimated. 

So, when you see people who look like you being destroyed during the judgement, don’t weep for them.  They are more than likely a coon whose negative energy must be removed.  Take our advice....stay away from the coons, so you can survive this cosmic detox.

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