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In search of pertinent information that is affecting our current reality?  We can help. The Golden Race hosts a monthly webinar for our members to discuss important topics.  The information presented during these discussions are of a sensitive nature and will never be published on public forums like YouTube and Facebook.  During our training sessions we present prophetic information such as the current earth changes, DNA activation, human mutation, and other relevant topics that pertain to the Golden Race.    

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These sessions are hosted online so that you can learn in the comfort of your own home.  The learning environment is interactive and is presented in a LIVE session.  Participants can ask questions at the end of the training and receive answers directly from us, Ausar and Auset.  We have a closed learning environment to ensure the confidentiality of the information discussed.


All dates are TBA and are posted in our secret groups and are emailed to members every month.   

As the planet changes, it is important that members of the Golden Race stay in the KNOW.  These unique webinars will allow you to do just that.  

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Silencing the Inner Critic

From infancy, humanity has had a small still voice that speaks in our inner ears.  Over time, societal programming has most too afraid to admit that they too hear the voice of their inner guide.  To the enlightened this voice is the all-commanding mentor.  However, for others, this little voice has become an inner critic, or worse has for a long time been muted.

This innate murmuring voice that we hear has been with us throughout our lives, guiding us to make proper decisions. But during the course of life, many have become too negative and have forgotten the positive beliefs they once had.  Their inner voices have become silent, leaving them unable to remember how good it feels to listen to its guidance.

Our divine guides are intended to help us, but our negative thoughts have created an inner critic.  This inner critic is the nagging voice that tells you how deficient you are, how ugly you are, how weak and useless you are and how people dislike you for who and what you are.  This inner critic will provide proofs of how stupid it would be to take chances with faith. It will create proofs of how unable and incapacitated you are against shining. 

It will make you believe in time that you truly are worthless and insignificant. It would store memories of such failures to be recovered when you falter with “unbelief”. This inner critic will eat you up until it overpowers your sense of self leaving you ruled with fears and anxiety over your amplified lacks. It will convince you to believe in all these lies until your self-love is sapped and your sense of importance becomes devoid. 

Although you may have tried to ignore this inner critic initially, over time you learned to believe in its miserable denials of who you are.  If you continue on this negative path, you will soon be convinced of the validity of its claims and will succumb to living a mediocre and somber life.

This inner critic is a liar and a thief whose primary goal is to steal your hopes and dreams from you.  You have been blessed with talents, skills and a unique personality that makes you unlike anyone else you will ever meet in this lifetime, and for that alone you are special.  

The inner critic can reside in all of us as much as the inner voice of goodness.  The thoughts that you think and entertain about yourself decides which one is allowed to take residence in your inner world. We are in the midst of a spiritual battle whose primary goal is to conquer your being. To deliver you back from the course of goodness and happiness and to trap you in the pit of despair and defeat.

So, you must learn to starve the inner critic by refusing to feed into his warped ideas concerning your life.  This critic, as harmful as it may seem, is trying to protect you from the risk of future harm.  But risk is a part of life and is necessary for soul growth.  You must learn to balance your fears with your strengths.  Begin to see yourself as already being whoever it is you desire to become.  As you see it in your inner mind, it will manifest in your reality. 

Our Initiates in our Mystery School are instructed to create and listen to I AM statements everyday as part of our curriculum.  They are also instructed to listen to the Golden Race radio station and other positive information so that their spirit guides are strengthened, and their inner critic is weakened.  Their obedience to our instructions assists them in freeing their minds from the bondage of criticism.

We must feed our inner guide the right thoughts so that it grows stronger in our inner world while we starve out the inner critic. 

The Greatest Love of All

There is a divine reason why “Black” History month was chosen to occur in the month of February.  This month is known for a very special day, Valentine’s day.  This day is a time for sharing and expressing love for one another. Although members of our racial group have exhibited an enormous amount of love for every other group, it is time that we learn how to love ourselves, because the love of self is the greatest love of all. 

Due to our historical past mistreatment from other racial groups, many of us have inherited negative emotions towards ourselves and as a result, suffer from self-hate.  The accumulation of mishaps and lacks in our historic past have left us failing to unearth our true potential and to give due remedy to our personal self-healing.  The outcome of our failure to recognize how special we truly are is hampering our spiritual growth and development.

Low self-confidence coupled with a lack of self-love is delimiting. It will send you stomping on your endowed capacities while you unconsciously internalize your failures as early defeats. It confines you in a comfort zone where everything is safe from potential humiliation and further mistakes. The comfort zones will then make you believe that you must not go out from its four corners because out there, disappointments and losses await, thus resulting in a lack of cooperation with others whom you identify yourself with.

This negative outlook leaves you living a pessimistic life where you constantly tell yourself how harsh and messed up things are.  If you are to successfully complete this incarnation, you must not surrender to the inner critic that has been pre-programmed to thrive inside of you.  You must defeat it and present your unique self to the world.

Low self-confidence and self-hatred develops during childhood. Unfortunately, many of us have parents, teachers, friends and enemies who are keener to our deficiencies than with our talents. They would constantly remind us of our mistakes and kill our inner drives. These negative statements may not have actually been said directly to your face but their actions and sneers successfully convinced your subconscious mind that you are unworthy of true love and acceptance.

Our race has lived under cold critical eyes of a racist establishment that magnified our imperfections every chance they got.  In addition to a racist societal caste system, many were underlings of siblings who achieved in areas that you may have failed in, thus the intense focus on them and frequent disregard for you led to your self-hatred.  These subtle triggering instances have all contributed to our eventual loss of collective self-love.  

The Establishment promoted "black" role models coupled with the lack of real attention given to our group has led to negative thoughts of incapability and inadequacies of our people doing meaningful things; when in fact we have gifts beyond our own reckoning.

These negative beliefs have sent many members of our racial group blaming the collective whole for all of our failures. And at times, you too may have even convinced yourself that you are also responsible for the failures of those people you have close contact with.  As a child, sweeping statements may have been a commonplace for you; causing you to convince yourself of how stupid you are even without the reinforcement that comes from the warped people surrounding you.

Continue entertaining these destructive thoughts and you will soon discover that although salvation from self-hate is presenting itself to you, only a life-changing miracle will save you from your own demise.

The time has come for this miracle to take place in the hearts and minds or our people.  It is time that we shake off all the negative energies that have been directed towards us and begin to love ourselves.  This month, we will be doing several group and individual activities to assist you in rediscovering the true contributions of our people and the latent potential within each of us. 

Until we learn to love ourselves the way we have been programmed to love Christ, Muhammad, and other racial groups, we will never live life at our greatest potential.

Polar Vortex: Spiritual Warfare is Coming to America

Have you ever been in a room and the temperature dropped by several degrees and you knew you were not alone (even though you didn’t see anyone)?  This is a common occurrence when spirit forces enter our dimension.  Their presence causes a noticeable drop in temperature.  The blood wolf moon that occurred a few days ago was a sign in the heavens of the merging of the spiritual and physical dimensions and the opening of ancient gateways.  This divine union is why North America is undergoing a historic drop in temperature throughout the Midwest and Northeastern regions this week.     

Arctic temperatures that are normally only seen at the poles are engulfing our country.  These cold temperatures are normally only seen in Antarctica, held there by westerly winds and the jet stream (angelic hosts).  All weather has a dualistic aspect that affects both the physical and spiritual planes.  The severity in temperature coupled with the vast amount of land that will be impacted will have dire consequences.   

The spiritual component is what the Establishment is more concerned about.  Their primary concern is what will happen once this winter storm leaves its spiritual mark on our physical plane.  Will the increase in the spiritual presence result in more mass shootings, suicides, and overdoses?  As humanity is preparing their bodies to keep warm in the cold air, they too need to guard themselves from spiritual attacks. 

The Battle of Armageddon is Well Underway

There is a spiritual war raging all around us.  This war is having cataclysmic results in our reality.  It is causing unexplained weather events such as sink holes, fire storms, flooding, tornadoes, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, and more recently, spiritual possession.  The increase in possessive spirits has resulted in an increase in mass shootings.  Every mass shooter has reported that something told them to kill the people that they murdered. 

These events will increase as more spirits enter our reality to exact vengeance. 

How to Protect Yourself During this Cosmic War
"The weapons of our warfare are not carnal, 
but they are mighty to the pulling down of strongholds."

The key to your survival is to come out of the beastly system and to return to nature. You must follow the ways of our ancestors.  This starts by KNOWING THYSELF and embracing your divine heritage.  We set up the Golden Race to assist you in returning to the ancient way. Everything that is connected to the beastly system will be destroyed.  This includes their religions, education, monetary system, and relationships.  These spirit forces have been sent for the sole purpose of destroying EVERYTHING that is connected to this demonic regime. 

If you refuse to come out of Babylon, you will become a casualty of war.       

Storing Food for Long Term Use

Inclement weather and emergency situations are occurring daily worldwide.  The economic downturn is causing the cost of food to increase steadily.  The uncertainty of our economy coupled with the strange weather patterns makes storing a small stockpile of food a very good idea in our present reality.  Inclement weather events, power outages, and other disasters could make finding food outside of your home nearly impossible. Having something to fall back on is a smart and safe plan.

The Long-Term Food Supply 

Consider this very realistic scenario: What if you were caught in a long-term power outage due to a severe storm that caused flooding and major damage to roadways?  This type of situation could leave you stuck in your home for weeks.

Events such as this, and a long list of other possibilities, has already happened to many who were unprepared.  Don‘t let this happen to you. Having a plan to survive and thrive in any situation, includes having enough food and water to fall back on.  Being proactive will keep you and your family safe and healthy despite a drastic situation.

How Much Food Do You Need?

Every home should have a minimum of three days’ worth of food and water appropriate for their family size, but having at least two weeks’ worth is preferred. The rule of thumb for water is one gallon of water per person per day and do not forget to count children and pets at up to a full gallon of water each as well. The amount of food will depend on your family, but there should be enough to provide enough calories and nutrition to keep you healthy. At the very minimum, each family member should be able to have at least one full meal per day.

What Kinds of Food Should You Store?

Nutrition is key to your survival.  You will want to stock food that has a minimum of a 3-6 month shelf life and keep that stock rotated so that nothing is spoiled should an emergency occur. Look for canned goods and other non-perishable foods that your family will eat. It will not benefit you to only stock canned foods that your family does not like because then it will be less likely that everyone will consume enough food and get the proper nutrition.  Dehydrated fruits and vegetables, cereals, and bars will come in handy as well. 

Make sure that you store various super-food powders like wheat grass, spirulina, and maca powders.  We offer these and many other types of nutritional supplements in our online store.  These super-food powders can provide you with a massive amount of nutrients in a small portion size, enabling your food to last for a longer amount of time. 

Ready to eat canned goods that do not require cooking before consumption, granola bars, dried milk, peanut butter, nuts, and protein bars are all examples of good items to store. Crackers, bread, and similar products are good to keep as well - as long as you keep the stock rotated and keep in mind that they will not last as long as non-perishable items.

How to Store Food Items Long Term

Have a shelf, closet, pantry, or cellar dedicated to your emergency food storage. Everything in your emergency food supply should be stored in airtight containers and you will want to have extra storage containers and/or zip lock bags to keep opened items in. Keep a list or clearly mark all boxes, cans, and bags with expiration dates and “opened on” dates and keep your stock rotated and free of expired items.

Keeping a stockpile of food and water for your family to fall back on in times of need is a responsible part of emergency preparedness. Should a large storm or other disaster occur in your area, you are more likely to be able to survive comfortably for a longer amount of time.

Learn to Live off Nature

In addition to purchasing pre-packaged items, take the time to familiarize yourself with the edible plants that are all around you in nature.  There are many plants that can provide you with more nutrients and energy than you can purchase in a food product that is sold in grocery stores.  Nature grows year round, so regardless of how long it takes for things to go back to normal, you can survive with an endless supply of nutrition for you and your family.  From various grasses to berries, you can eat like a king for free when you learn how to live off nature. 

We offer an Herbalism course in our Mystery school that teaches you how to identify plants that can be used as food sources and as medicine to heal your body.  Learning how to work with nature is an important life skill to have. 

Budgeting for Emergency Preparedness

Recently, the American government has been advocating family preparedness ready.  Although I hate to concentrate on the worst-case scenario, it is wise to have some necessary supplies on hand during these unstable times.  If you find yourself in an emergency situation, you want to have a number of supplies that you can fall back on to ensure your survival, health, and safety.  This requires collecting and maintaining a decent amount of personal items even though you may never need them. Altogether, these supplies - including food and water stockpiles, first aid supplies, and even the most basic survival kits, can become quite costly.

Do Your Research

Starting from scratch?  Do some research on emergency preparedness.  There are numerous websites set up to assist you such as The American Red Cross and CDC Emergency Preparedness.  These two sites have lists and ideas of what items you need to build a survival “kit” and items to stockpile for emergencies.  Groupon is another site that offers local deals that can provide you discounts on survival training.  During the Golden Race monthly webinars, we will begin doing some basic training on what you need to survive during the collapse of the beastly system as well.  These meetings are free for our members.  If you are not a member, I highly recommend that you become one.

Once you have an idea of the items you need, research those too. Some items, like food and water, are pretty fool proof. However, other items such as shelter building supplies, weather clothing and gear, and first aid supplies, are not created equal. Knowing what to look for can save you money while also guaranteeing that you have the best products on hand.

Make a List

Before you start shopping, make a detailed list of what items you need for your emergency preparedness or survival kit. Break the list up into sections based on their categories such as sustenance, shelter, first aid, etc...

Shop around to find the lowest prices so that you can save money.  Start buying your items in bulk.  For several years now, people have been benefiting from couponing, and are able to get many items for free by shopping on certain days and doubling the value of the coupons.  For home stockpiles, most experts recommend that you have a minimum of three days’ worth of supplies, but at least two weeks’ worth is preferred.

Start Small

Especially if you are starting from scratch, buying all the items you need at once is not budget friendly. You might have to get one or two items at a time and build up to the full number of items needed.  Check dollar stores for items such as matches, rubbing alcohol, and medical supplies.  You will be surprised how much you can save and purchase for a small amount of money.

Know what Items to Purchase First

Prioritize the list you make based on items that are the most important and most useful. The top three items that I recommend are:

* Water: 
Having enough water stockpiled is one of the most important survival tips. Keep bottled water both in your car and your home. For your home stockpile, the best rule of thumb is to have one gallon of water per person per day.

* First aid: 
A good emergency first aid kit and basic first aid knowledge is another must have item. The American Red Cross has a detailed list of items that should be in any first aid kit. You will need to add or make changes to that list based on your family size and specific medical needs.  If you do not have first aid training, I highly recommend that you invest in a short course as this knowledge may save your life.

* Food: 
The most likely disaster situation involves a severe weather event where you could be stuck in your home for several days without electricity or water. Having a decent stockpile of non-perishable foods to keep you and your family nourished is very wise. 


Basic maintenance will help save you money and keep your survival supplies up to date. Keep your food and water supplies rotating as they come near their expiration dates. That way things can be used rather than thrown out and your items are kept fresh in case of an emergency. Proper maintenance of any tools and other equipment will keep them from needing to be replaced, which will also save you money.

Although I believe that a positive mind can prevent many bad situations from manifesting in your reality, emergency preparedness is a responsible and potentially life-saving skill to have.  However, purchasing the necessary supplies isn’t always cheap unless you know how and when to shop.  You can ensure the safety of your family and your budget with these tips.

Forgiveness Fosters Abuse

Last year, we made two videos about the Opioid Crisis.  These videos showed the difference in treatment between two different racial groups who were both dealing with drug addiction in America.  One group was targeted as a “war” on drugs and as a result, the addicts received no treatment for their addictions.  They were incarcerated for years with no aid or mercy from the American public.  This resulted in broken homes, overcrowded prisons, and a huge foster care system where their children where moved from home to home.  The other group that is now suffering is getting treatment and assistance instead of imprisonment.  The difference in treatment is obviously race related, especially if you look at the history of race in this country.

A viewer who watched the video made a comment saying, “an eye for an eye leaves everyone blind,” eluding to the fact that the mistreated group should let go of past hurts and forgive their oppressors. 

Forgiveness is a trap that negates natural law.  Animals who are attacked by other animals will naturally attack back in a form of self-defense.  Historically, the oppressed in societies are oppressed because of their loving nature and forgiveness for crimes that have been committed against them.  If you are in an abusive relationship, loving and forgiving your abuser will only bring more abuse to the victim. 

In order to stop the abusive treatment, the abuser must pay a penalty for the acts that he/she has done, thus the scripture states "an eye for an eye."  This is how humanity learns and evolves.  Turning a blind eye to injustice won’t make it go away, it will only increase it.  Every year, we celebrate the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  Children are taught how he changed the world through non-violence.  This is not true, he was ineffective until he was brutally murdered.  After he was killed for his non-violent acts, this finally broke the spell of ignorant forgiveness and peace that the indigenous population had been programmed to believe in. 

Watching this peaceful protester who was a devoted Christian be murdered for speaking against injustice was the straw that broke the camel's back.  After his death, the Negro population opened a can of whip ass on their oppressors that struck fear into the hearts of a hateful group who had oppressed them for generations.  "Enough was enough" rang through the hearts and minds of Dr. King’s people, and then REAL change came to America.  Laws that had been needed for decades magically appeared, resulting in civil rights of ALL people.   

Living your life on your knees isn’t living...., hell it's hardly surviving.  This is why your bible told you that it is better to enjoy heaven (peace) lame than to enter hell whole.  Don’t fall for the forgiveness trap and allow your enemies to trick you into assuming their debts and bearing their sins.  Each man will answer for their own sins in this lifetime or the next.  

Eventually, everyone pays! 

Keep These Items in Your Car at All Times

Our planet is in the process of  remodeling itself.  Storms and emergency situations for her inhabitants are a byproduct of this process.  To ensure the safety of both you and your loved ones, I encourage everyone to keep a car survival kit with them at all times, especially if you are driving in remote areas.  Even if you are simply planning a short drive across town, it is wise to have your survival kit with you in case of an accident or emergency.  If you never use it for personal use, who knows when another citizen may need your assistance.

Creating a survival kit at home is simple to do.  There are also many kits available for purchase in outdoor stores and online.  Personally, I recommend creating your own so that you can match the kit to suit your own individual needs and your specific geographical location.  If you decide to purchase the pre-made kits, you can always add a few items to personalize it for your own individual use.

Don’t just buy a survival kit and toss it in the trunk of the car.  Take the time to look over the items in it.  Also, make sure that you research the items so that you know how to properly use them.  It is important that you become familiar with the items before you really need them.  An item that you can’t use effectively is not going to prolong your life in an emergency.

Items that I Highly Recommend:

Always have a flashlight and batteries in your kit.  An extra outfit is also a good idea to keep on hand.  Waterproof matches and candles will come in handy.  Keep a small can in your survival kit to use for collecting drinking water.  Road flares, jumper cables, and a small shovel are valuable tools to have as well.  Keep a small stash of tools handy, such as a hammer, screwdriver, and an adjustable wrench.

A pocket knife or survival knife can be one of the most versatile items to keep with you at all times in your pocket.  Again, learn to use all the features in this particular tool. 

Keep a small supply of dried foods, energy bars, and bottled water in your vehicle.  These food items will provide valuable nourishment to prolong survival until you can get the help you need.                                                              

Snow storms are increasing worldwide, even in areas where snow is not prevalent.  Traveling in cold weather can be extremely dangerous.  Always keep an extra blanket in the car with you at all times.  Spare hats and gloves can help keep you warm and dry in an emergency.  A bag of kitty litter can be helpful during snowy months.  This item can help you to get the traction you need on the snow and ice. 

Having a form of communication is key.  The problem with cell phones is that they must be charged.  Consider keeping a crank-style cell phone charger in your car emergency survival kit.  This item may make it possible to charge your cell phone and call for help in the event of an emergency.

No one ever wants to use a car emergency survival kit, but it can save your life.  Check your kit often to make sure all items are in place.  Replace any items that have been used or removed.  Consider practicing a mock emergency to refresh your memory on how to use some of the items in the kit.  Taking the time to adequately prepare for an emergency can help you to survive in a serious situation

The Fear Factor: Embracing the Darkness

Horror movies are a billion-dollar industry in Hollywood.  Despite the gore, blood, and shrieks people flock to these flicks.  Many can’t get enough to fulfill their dark desires and blood lust.  They allow the mentally deranged characters to live out their demented fantasies on poor helpless victims; from Michael Myers to the conscious lunatic on “Saw,” it mesmerizes people as they watch others slaughter one another in the name of entertainment. 

My husband and daughter were always drawn to these occult filled movies, but I (a devoted Christian and bonified scaredy cat) couldn’t handle the “demonic” sigils and hedonistic practices.  For years, I hated these types of movies.  The eerie scenes coupled with the bone chilling music was enough to make me cover my eyes in fear.  It often left me shaking as I waited for the sacrilegious scenes to end.  Then something happened in 2012 that forced me to face my religious-based programmed fears of the darkness.  

My kundalini rose and opened my eyes to the true reality of our planetary existence.  To my amazement, many of the creatures and spiritual forces I had seen in these “horror” movies were more real than anything I could have possibly imagined.  After this supernatural awakening, I was forced to face my fears and to explore the darker side of things.  Once societal norms was replaced with real knowledge, I found the true essence of who I really am.  The darkness I once ran away from, soon became comforting.  Presently, I too seek the same occult horror films I once hid from.  Not to see the gore and human mutilation, but to find the true essence of the spiritual side of our reality.  The masonic producers hide numerous aspects of our spiritual realms in these movies.  

They have manipulated many people into staying on the light physical side of things without ever looking into the dark spiritual aspect that is all around us.  There is a reason for this; our power lives in the unknown, uncontrollable darkness.  This ancient creative force has returned and is yearning to interface with each of us.  

We are all being manipulated into only thinking about survival through a government created economic collapse.  The controllers know if they can keep you thinking about what you will eat, where you will live, and how you are you going to survive in this 3D reality (which they can control and manipulate) that your dark creative faculties will remain locked down and you will not merge with your higher self.  In fact, many will run from themselves as they are ignorant of how they are created.   

In reality, it is your higher aspect, your shadow self that can save you and give you the life of your dreams.  This is why you have been programmed to run away from it, to fear it, and to shun it.  In reality, you must embrace ALL aspects of yourself if you ever hope to escape this consciousness prison in which your soul has incarnated.     

Main Stream Social Media Promotes Jim Crow Behavior

Jim Crow is still alive and well, if you don't believe me watch the highest ranking "black" creators on Facebook and YouTube.  After a year of blocked videos and public post removals on the Establishment's approved platforms, it has become apparent to us that they do NOT want REAL knowledge to be distributed to the indigenous masses.  They have created a plethora of lies and half-truths and when anyone attempts to inform the sleeping giants, they are quickly silenced through erroneous copyright claims, blocked material, and statistical analytical manipulation.

In an era of truth seekers, it is amazing how much of the truth is still being hidden in plain sight.  When these major corporate platforms use their thug-like tactics to silence the bringers of truth, they often inform you that you have violated their "policies."  So, apparently presenting true historical facts to the masses is a violation of their terms and conditions. 

If you take a closer look at the million subscriber creators you will notice how immature their content is, lacking any real substance and quality.  But then you have to ask yourself, "What do you expect from a society who overpays athletes and singers while the educators have to strike for a pay raise?"

Knowledge is not valued in a materialist root chakra based society.  So, if you want real knowledge, you won't find it on these major platforms.  You will have to look outside of their corporate boxes to uncover the not so secret knowledge.  I encourage ALL truth seekers and sharers to create your own platforms so that the people who are tired of butt shaking, baby making, and argument watching can gain access to your knowledge.  

Filtering Water in Nature

Everything on this planet (including our bodies) is mostly composed of water.  Nature is overflowing with this divine life-giving nectar.  As we return to our natural states of being, it is important to learn how to utilize it to nourish our temples.  Finding a water source is easy but making it drinkable takes just a little know-how.  

Filtering water is not the same as purifying water which makes it safe for consumption, however, in an emergency, this outdoor survival skill can be extremely useful.

Since Mankind has taken over our planet, most of the water sources have become muddy and unclean to drink, especially in America.  Before you can drink it, a filter is necessary to cleanse the impurities from the water.  By filtering water, it removes all visible dirt particles which makes it safer to drink.  Filtering alone does not remove microbes and bacteria from the water, but often it can make the water more tolerable to your taste buds.  

There are several ways that you can filter water in the wilderness.  The first method requires a container.    You can use a bottle.  You can turn the bottle into a funnel by cutting the bottom off it.  If all you have is a can, it can work as well.  Instead of removing the bottom, just poke several holes in the bottom with a pocket knife.  The can will work as a strainer as you let the water fall through the holes and into a separate clean container. 

If you find yourself in the wilderness without a bottle or a container you can use cloth.  Strain the water through a cloth or piece of clothing over a container.  This will remove much of the heavy dirt particles from the water.

You could also create a natural filter using rocks and sand; two things that nature provides for free.  Take the rocks and sand and alternate these in layers to make a filter.  The more layers you have, the better.  Once you have a nice amount, simply pour the water through the natural filter.   

If you do not have a container, you can use tree bark.  Make a cone from bark.  Layer the rocks and sand inside the cone.  Tie the bottom of the cone together with string; placing small rocks on the bottom of the cone as the last layer will help hold the bark together.

Use both fine and coarse layers in the filter, alternating between the two.  At the bottom of the cone, you will need to stop the sand from pouring through.  This isn't difficult.  Use grass that is not poisonous, several pebbles, or a piece of cotton material.

Pour collected water through the filter.  Catch the water in a container after it has gone through the filter.  If the water is not clear, pass it through the filter again.  Repeat until the water runs clear.  

Again, it is important to know that just because the water is clear, it does not make the water completely safe to drink.  The water still needs to be purified, as it may contain tiny bacteria that can pass through the filter.  

Knowing how to filter water is a necessary life skill to have.  Keeping yourself alive by making sure water is safe for consumption while staying hydrated is something that our ancestors knew how to do.  Even though water filtering isn't as healthy as purification, it is a step closer to water that is safer for drinking.  Practicing this valuable skill could save your life and those that you love in an emergency situation.   

The Phoenix Rising

Shamans know that destruction and creation go hand in hand. Before something can be created, whatever is already existing, must be destroyed.  Modern day science confirms this when they teach that two things cannot occupy the same place at the same time.    We are living in a time of transition where one system is being destroyed and a new one is soon to occupy its place.  Mankind has programmed all of humanity to fear this transition by creating fictitious stories of an Anti-Christ who will rule via a one world government.  This story was created with the sole purpose of intimidating you from returning to the divine path. 

REVELATIONS: The truth is that in the beginning, this planet was ruled by a single divine ruler with all of humanity in one mindset and on one accord working together in a unified fashion.  Archeologists have discovered this fact as they traveled across the globe and found similar architecture, coins, global tales of events, and artifacts to prove that the world was once a unified place.  There were no imaginary walls (borders) that required passes to cross. Humanity lived at peace with each other and with nature under the rulership of a divine Spirit which permeated all things.  This unifying force permitted self-governance which resulted in divine order.  All of humanity desired spiritual gifts instead of cheap coins, paper money, and sexual encounters.  Everyone was provided for and all needs were met without a police presence or a governmental system. 

As the consciousness on this planet fell, so did our unity.  An unintentional dimensional rift allowed low entities to enter the third dimension and the diamond consciousness that we once had was shattered into a million fragments.  The original one world system was replaced with military war regimes whose primary concern was global dominance and the confiscation and collection of personal wealth.  Humanity has been living this way for so long, that we beLIEve this is the only way to survive, but we are wrong and in the very near future we will remember the original way. 

Ancestral energy has returned to this planet and their influence on our daily lives has increased exponentially as the veil is thinning.  The unexplainable things that are taking place daily will continue to escalate as this spiritual battle rages on.  Your former selves (ancestors) are at war with demonic forces that have held us captive for years.  

The current planetary demonic reign is soon to end.  At the culmination of this cycle, we will be forced to release beliefs that no longer serve us.  Everything will be purified on all levels; physical and spiritual.  Many of the ideologies that we were taught to believe in has held us captive to the third dimension.  In order to be set free, we will all have to face our fears.

I wish I could tell you that it will be easy, but I would be lying.  You will meet challenges in this lifetime that will make you question EVERYTHING; however, once you are stripped of the illusion of who you think you are you will meet your true self.  

That is the goal.  
That is the mission.  
This is why you incarnated.  

So, don't fight the change, embrace it, knowing that like the Phoenix, you will rise from the ashes!     

Learn Why Everyone Should Have an Astrology Reading Done

Our ancestors consulted astrologers for centuries.  They understood the importance of this cosmic science and how it benefited them in all facets of their lives including health, relationships, money, education, career, property, and traveling.  Presently, many people continue to find guidance through their personal forecasts, especially when they must face challenging decisions. 

Personal astrological readings can assist you in not only understanding yourself but also in the best way to handle your relationships.  Astrology reveals the character of any specific person and their interest in maintaining a long-term relationship in business, personal, and otherwise.  It takes the guess work out of life.

If you would like a way to safeguard your finances, then astrology is for you. You can learn when to invest in property, gain financial independence, and learn how to handle your money.  Astrology is an ancient science that can provide you with preventive measures to deal with upcoming negative events. 

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Better than Blog Talk Radio and More Effective

Radio advertising and hosting have many advantages. It is cheaper than other media and it can be aimed at a narrow group which can reach your desired target audience wherever they go.  You no longer have to cast your net and hope the fish that you desire enter it.  You will know exactly who you are reaching.  

Benefit #1: Inexpensive
Radio advertising is relatively cheap compared to print or television advertising. Production costs are lower because you can rent a cabin sound for a couple of hours to make an announcement passable through the radio. You also pay less for advertising time to reach the same number of people as you would with a TV or print ad. 
The Golden Race radio station has affordable rates to host your show with payments starting as low as $30 per month!  All our show hosts qualify for 1 month free, so you can get started today and won’t be billed for 30 days!  Artists can showcase their talent for FREE. Simply complete the form and submit your music tracks for approval.   

Benefit #2: Your Audience
Radio allows you to target your message to specific groups. Some stations are after the widest possible audience, but many address niche markets, such as adolescents, sports fans, news junkies, political conservatives, university students, educated people, or fans of any kind of music.  Businesses and show hosts who utilize the Golden Race radio station are ensured that your content is presented to conscious metaphysical listeners.  We are a 24 hour 7 day per week radio station who specialize in metaphysical content.  Airing your show on a real radio station is always better than paying for a slot on an internet blog community.  

Benefit #3: Mobility
Radio is the only mass medium that people use while driving, cleaning the house or mowing the lawn. TV advertising requires people to sit in front of their TV, print ads and web require focused attention on the page or screen. But you can listen to the radio while doing other things. Although the listeners’ conscious mind is preoccupied with their current activity, their subconscious mind is absorbing all the sounds that are entering its domain.  Our listeners can tune in any time any where by using our mobile application.  This makes radio advertising and shows very effective in promoting change. 
The mobility doesn’t stop at the listener, our radio hosts enjoy this same benefit.  Our format is easily integrated on to any mobile device so that you can broadcast from anywhere at any time.  You will be able to work in the comfort of your own home and create your own schedule, granting you creative freedom.

If you have been dreaming of hosting a show, displaying your vocal talent, or need advertising space, the Golden Race Radio is the perfect solution that will exceed your expectations and yield magnificent results.