The Golden Race Monthly Webinars

In search of pertinent information that is affecting our current reality?  We can help. The Golden Race hosts a monthly webinar for our members to discuss important topics.  The information presented during these discussions are of a sensitive nature and will never be published on public forums like YouTube and Facebook.  During our training sessions we present prophetic information such as the current earth changes, DNA activation, human mutation, and other relevant topics that pertain to the Golden Race.    

These webinars are FREE for all of our Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum members!

In 2019, we have decided to allow our Exclusive Golden Race members, YouTube, and Blog subscribers to attend.  Attendance passes are available in our online store. 

Each LIVE session is recorded and is available for purchase in our online store.  Our Diamond members can request free copies of these meetings. 


These sessions are hosted online so that you can learn in the comfort of your own home.  The learning environment is interactive and is presented in a LIVE session.  Participants can ask questions at the end of the training and receive answers directly from us, Ausar and Auset.  We have a closed learning environment to ensure the confidentiality of the information discussed.


All dates are TBA and are posted in our secret groups and are emailed to members every month.   

As the planet changes, it is important that members of the Golden Race stay in the KNOW.  These unique webinars will allow you to do just that.  

If you are not an official member, I highly recommend that you become one today!  

Learn Why Everyone Should Have an Astrology Reading Done

Our ancestors consulted astrologers for centuries.  They understood the importance of this cosmic science and how it benefited them in all facets of their lives including health, relationships, money, education, career, property, and traveling.  Presently, many people continue to find guidance through their personal forecasts, especially when they must face challenging decisions. 

Personal astrological readings can assist you in not only understanding yourself but also in the best way to handle your relationships.  Astrology reveals the character of any specific person and their interest in maintaining a long-term relationship in business, personal, and otherwise.  It takes the guess work out of life.

If you would like a way to safeguard your finances, then astrology is for you. You can learn when to invest in property, gain financial independence, and learn how to handle your money.  Astrology is an ancient science that can provide you with preventive measures to deal with upcoming negative events. 

We offer several comprehensive astrological readings in our online store.  We provide daily, annual, lifetime, relationship, and children readings to keep you in the KNOW.   Our services are available at affordable rates to ensure that everyone can get more insight into their life.  Check out our online store today.

Our readings will set you on the path to living an informed successful life. 

Better than Blog Talk Radio and More Effective

Radio advertising and hosting have many advantages. It is cheaper than other media and it can be aimed at a narrow group which can reach your desired target audience wherever they go.  You no longer have to cast your net and hope the fish that you desire enter it.  You will know exactly who you are reaching.  

Benefit #1: Inexpensive
Radio advertising is relatively cheap compared to print or television advertising. Production costs are lower because you can rent a cabin sound for a couple of hours to make an announcement passable through the radio. You also pay less for advertising time to reach the same number of people as you would with a TV or print ad. 
The Golden Race radio station has affordable rates to host your show with payments starting as low as $30 per month!  All our show hosts qualify for 1 month free, so you can get started today and won’t be billed for 30 days!  Artists can showcase their talent for FREE. Simply complete the form and submit your music tracks for approval.   

Benefit #2: Your Audience
Radio allows you to target your message to specific groups. Some stations are after the widest possible audience, but many address niche markets, such as adolescents, sports fans, news junkies, political conservatives, university students, educated people, or fans of any kind of music.  Businesses and show hosts who utilize the Golden Race radio station are ensured that your content is presented to conscious metaphysical listeners.  We are a 24 hour 7 day per week radio station who specialize in metaphysical content.  Airing your show on a real radio station is always better than paying for a slot on an internet blog community.  

Benefit #3: Mobility
Radio is the only mass medium that people use while driving, cleaning the house or mowing the lawn. TV advertising requires people to sit in front of their TV, print ads and web require focused attention on the page or screen. But you can listen to the radio while doing other things. Although the listeners’ conscious mind is preoccupied with their current activity, their subconscious mind is absorbing all the sounds that are entering its domain.  Our listeners can tune in any time any where by using our mobile application.  This makes radio advertising and shows very effective in promoting change. 
The mobility doesn’t stop at the listener, our radio hosts enjoy this same benefit.  Our format is easily integrated on to any mobile device so that you can broadcast from anywhere at any time.  You will be able to work in the comfort of your own home and create your own schedule, granting you creative freedom.

If you have been dreaming of hosting a show, displaying your vocal talent, or need advertising space, the Golden Race Radio is the perfect solution that will exceed your expectations and yield magnificent results.   

The Great Divide

The Great Divide

For the past few decades, there have been numerous vampire and mutant movies and television shows created.  The vampires were portrayed as having money, power, and respect.  They were depicted as immortal beings with super human strength; which often resulted in younger viewers desiring to become one.  The writers made sure that their lifestyles were alluring.  The fact that they had to feed off someone else’s life force was irrelevant and was easily overlooked by young people worldwide who desired these traits and yearned for their characteristics. 

On the flip side of the coin, the mutant human beings in movies and shows were always being hunted by the government.  Many of them were from humble beginnings and despite all the amazing abilities that they possessed, they were often depicted as running from mortal men with guns.  Even Superman, Spider-man, and Batman worked hand in hand with the government.   They made sure that others obeyed all laws, living their lives as law abiding vigilantes. 

Television often depicts future realities that are soon to emerge.  For example, in the 1970’s, interracial relationships were taboo for most of the public.  So, the interracial couples that were on television, like Helen and Willis on the “Jefferson’s” show were a future reality, as we see how interracial couples today has become a normal occurrence.  Vampires and Mutant humans are the future and the controllers are preparing the viewers for what is soon to occur in our reality.  

There is a great divide that is taking place on this planet right now.  Millions with ancient DNA will have a genetic upgrade that will grant them amazing abilities that the current human being can hardly fathom.  From telekinesis to levitation, the gifts that will emerge will be a game changer.  The ruling elite are aware of this coming change that they are powerless to prevent.  So, they are attempting to program those with these abilities to adhere to their global dominance and to fear their rulership.   

Many of our ancestors possessed these same abilities.  Before the planetary leadership change occurred, these gifts were celebrated and all of humanity were encouraged to not only recognize but to embrace their unique differences.  The ancient ruling elite possessed many supernatural abilities.  As time passed, our planet fell in consciousness and many of these gifts were lost due to ignorance of self and genetic manipulation.  The cosmic energy has returned and is separating the ancient human race from mankind.

While millions are being upgraded, even more will be downgraded.  All of humanity do not have the same origins.  Some of us have ancient roots while others were created from various animal species who require an external life force in order to exist.  These people are vampiric by nature.  As the cosmic energy permeates all living cells in our current reality, those with vampiric origins will lose all upper neurological cognition, leaving them with a primal concern for survival with a focus on feeding.  Language, mental functions, and a desire to explore the mysteries of life will eventually vanish.  Although Hollywood has glamorized the vampiric lifestyle, it is not a desirable existence that any present-day human will desire once it has fully taken place.  

This great divide is already well underway.  In order to prepare yourself for what is soon to occur, we highly recommend that you watch our four part video series as well as get a copy of our book, “The Great Divide.”  This separation includes the destruction of every facet of our lives, from education to our monetary system.  Some will have heaven while others will inherit hell.    

Life as we know it is soon to change.    

Order out of Chaos

Exclusive Video Membership

After a year of having our videos blocked and removed from the YouTube platform, we have decided to launch our own video membership program.  Our members are able to watch full length Ausar N Auset uncut videos in a safe environment where free speech is allowed and welcomed.  They have access to our community theater where a different video is uploaded every Sunday!

Members are also granted access to our secret group that is not on a social media website, so we are able to post pertinent information that pertains to the Golden Race in a safe, uncontrolled environment to keep you in the KNOW.  Exclusive video members also receive a copy of the Cosmic Codes Newsletter and they enjoy a discount in our online store!

As a Golden Race exclusive video member, you will NEVER miss a featured video again!!  

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Ancient Spells and Magical Oil Recipes

We now offer individualized ancient spells and magical oil recipes in our online store. Each one is individually crafted for your specific purpose. The most powerful spells are the ones that you do yourself as you put your energy into the desired result.