The Great Divide

The Great Divide

For the past few decades, there have been numerous vampire and mutant movies and television shows created.  The vampires were portrayed as having money, power, and respect.  They were depicted as immortal beings with super human strength; which often resulted in younger viewers desiring to become one.  The writers made sure that their lifestyles were alluring.  The fact that they had to feed off someone else’s life force was irrelevant and was easily overlooked by young people worldwide who desired these traits and yearned for their characteristics. 

On the flip side of the coin, the mutant human beings in movies and shows were always being hunted by the government.  Many of them were from humble beginnings and despite all the amazing abilities that they possessed, they were often depicted as running from mortal men with guns.  Even Superman, Spider-man, and Batman worked hand in hand with the government.   They made sure that others obeyed all laws, living their lives as law abiding vigilantes. 

Television often depicts future realities that are soon to emerge.  For example, in the 1970’s, interracial relationships were taboo for most of the public.  So, the interracial couples that were on television, like Helen and Willis on the “Jefferson’s” show were a future reality, as we see how interracial couples today has become a normal occurrence.  Vampires and Mutant humans are the future and the controllers are preparing the viewers for what is soon to occur in our reality.  

There is a great divide that is taking place on this planet right now.  Millions with ancient DNA will have a genetic upgrade that will grant them amazing abilities that the current human being can hardly fathom.  From telekinesis to levitation, the gifts that will emerge will be a game changer.  The ruling elite are aware of this coming change that they are powerless to prevent.  So, they are attempting to program those with these abilities to adhere to their global dominance and to fear their rulership.   

Many of our ancestors possessed these same abilities.  Before the planetary leadership change occurred, these gifts were celebrated and all of humanity were encouraged to not only recognize but to embrace their unique differences.  The ancient ruling elite possessed many supernatural abilities.  As time passed, our planet fell in consciousness and many of these gifts were lost due to ignorance of self and genetic manipulation.  The cosmic energy has returned and is separating the ancient human race from mankind.

While millions are being upgraded, even more will be downgraded.  All of humanity do not have the same origins.  Some of us have ancient roots while others were created from various animal species who require an external life force in order to exist.  These people are vampiric by nature.  As the cosmic energy permeates all living cells in our current reality, those with vampiric origins will lose all upper neurological cognition, leaving them with a primal concern for survival with a focus on feeding.  Language, mental functions, and a desire to explore the mysteries of life will eventually vanish.  Although Hollywood has glamorized the vampiric lifestyle, it is not a desirable existence that any present-day human will desire once it has fully taken place.  

This great divide is already well underway.  In order to prepare yourself for what is soon to occur, we highly recommend that you watch our four part video series as well as get a copy of our book, “The Great Divide.”  This separation includes the destruction of every facet of our lives, from education to our monetary system.  Some will have heaven while others will inherit hell.    

Life as we know it is soon to change.    

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