Divine Knowledge for a Divine Race is Now Available

You can now own multiple Ausar N Auset videos by purchasing the Golden Race video series.  Each season is packed with knowledge you won’t find anywhere else, created specifically for members of the Golden Race.  The information contained in these videos are crucial to the resurrection of the divine who are seeded among men.  This new product was created to ensure that ALL members have access to this divine information. 

The series is broken into Seasons that are based on specific topics.  They contain many videos that most of our YouTube subscribers have never seen!   I can guarantee you will be intrigued by the topics that are presented as it was all channeled directly from Spirit.  This is so much more than a video product, it is literally divine knowledge for a divine race.

We are presently offering Seasons I and II.  Season I is entitled, Metaphysical Spirituality.  In this season you learn the metaphysical meanings behind many ancient scriptures.  This video series reveals who the beast of Revelations is, the truth behind the Great Tribulation, heaven, and hell.  It consists of 8 videos on a 2 disc set.  Total run time is 148 minutes.   

Season II is entitled, Order Out of Chaos.  This season exposes the fact that our planet has been hijacked by a terrorist regime.  You will learn the true history of planet Terra (earth) and what is presently being done to set right what has gone so terribly wrong.  It consists of 7 videos.  Total run time is 125 minutes. 

These seasons contain priceless information which can be passed down and kept for future generations.  They are available in MP4 and DVD formats in our online store

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