Natural Nourishment: Growing Food for Gods

Remember that old phrase, “You are what you eat?”  Well this has more truth in it than the unconscious person realizes.  Our ancestors knew how our food affected our quality of life and spiritual development.  As organic divine beings, we require an organic divine diet.  Eating the highly processed garbage that is sold as a food source will lower your vibrational frequency and trap your consciousness on the third dimension.

 Eat to Transcend this Reality

It is imperative you make better choices in your eating habits as it has a direct impact on your ascension and our environment.  Therefore, we highly recommend switching to an organic diet. Organic foods are grown in the most natural way possible without additives, pesticides, nor any other harmful chemicals that can bind to your melanin.  Your food is grown and nurtured the way nature intended.  When you consume natural foods, you can vibrate with their frequencies while combining your energies with the earth to naturally assist in your transmutation.

Most produce sold in grocery stores have been raised using conventional agricultural practices which introduces a lot of toxins into our bodies via our diets.  Many of these toxins cause cancer and contain many heavy metals which lowers humanity’s vibratory frequency.  

Why Should we Eat Organic? 

To avoid the grounding effect of processed foods, we should only consume organics. They do not expose organic foods to harmful chemicals during the growing or production process.  They are grown using either no pesticides at all or natural pesticides which leave no harmful toxins inside or on the surface of the produce.  Reducing exposure to toxins in your food will also reduce your risk of developing vibratory imbalances which result in diseases in your body.   

When choosing organic foods, always look for the certified organic seal of approval. To be certified as organic, farmers must follow the USDA’s stringent guidelines.  They are required to have their processes and products reviewed annually to keep their certification.    

Go the Extra Mile to Ensure your Ascension

Along with the awareness of the effect food can have on our individual ascension, there is also the concern of how traditional agricultural processes has negatively affected nature.  Conventional farming and food production methods has had a detrimental effect on our planetary home by destroying the topsoil, polluting the waterways, and by sending harmful emissions into our atmosphere.  For these reasons alone, consciously aware people are turning to organic foods that are grown, produced and distributed using natural methods.  

Although there is an abundance of organic foods on the market now, we highly recommend that you take it one step further and grow your own produce.  This is the only way to ensure that you know exactly what you are consuming and are feeding your divine offspring.  To assist you in doing this, we have created another short course: “Natural Nourishment: Growing Food for the Gods” which teaches you step by step how to prepare, grow, and harvest your own organic produce.  This course comes with an instructional video and a complete detailed course guide which walks you step-by-step in setting up an organic garden for your family.  There is NO enrollment fee, and NO application process.  Purchase your short course and start learning today!  

Once you grow and consume your own divine nutrition, you will not only look better, but you will feel the difference as your mind is freed of binding toxins.  Your food will no longer be used to anchor your soul, instead it will propel you to new heights that most have never imagined. 

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