The Coming Zombie Apocalypse

For the past decade we have been bombarded with zombie movies and sitcoms.  From the hit movie, “Zombie Land” to AMC’s long-lasting series “The Walking Dead,” the undead have become a mainstay in American culture.  As many have fallen in love with the characters and their struggles, we need to ask ourselves a serious question.  Is Hollywood preparing us for a coming future reality?  According to the CDC, I believe this to be true as our wildlife are turning into zombies at an alarming rate. 

Zombie Animals?

Presently our wildlife has developed a Chronic Wasting disease (CWD) which mimics the signs of zombies with symptoms, such as a vacant stare, degraded brains and spinal cords, thick saliva, exposed ribs or drooping heads, and a lack of fear.  NPR previously reported that “CWD passes from animal to animal through prions, misfolded proteins that cause other proteins to misfold around them.  Different prion diseases tend to only harm certain species but can evolve to overcome those limitations.”  Presently, there is no known cure or vaccine.  

As of January 2019, 251 counties in 24 states reported CWD in free-ranging deer and elk.

The following states have reported the disease: Arkansas, Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming. A whopping 42 counties in Nebraska reported CWD as of Feb. 19.  In some herds as many as half of the animals carry prions.

Are Humans Next?

The prions involved in the “zombie disease are evolving, “which leads us to believe it’s only a matter of time before a prion emerges that can spread to humans,” NPR reported.

This type of transmission occurred in the past with Mad cow disease. It is a prion disease that was transmitted to humans through tainted meat.  The prions initially were passed to cows, the cows developed mad cow disease.  When humans ate the beef of sick cows, they developed prions in their own brains.  

The greedy meat industry will not tell their paying consumers to stop eating meat, so it is up to us to make our own decision.  Personally, I would no longer buy or hunt animals for a source of sustenance.  

What does our Planetary Future Hold?

Things on our planet are changing at an alarming rate due to planetary and cosmic radiation.  The radiation is causing a global mutation which is resulting in supercharged single-celled organisms, mass animal die-offs, deformities in mankind, and strange behavior in humans.  This planet is quickly becoming Planet X as its future is unknown.    

Our planetary rulers will never tell the masses the full truth, so we must look at what they do, more than what they say to discover the truth.  A few years ago, the CDC released a post on their website concerning a zombie apocalypse.  It was removed, and the public was told it was a prank.  Recently a high-ranking scientist who worked for the CDC was mysteriously found dead.  There have been numerous instances nationwide of zombie-like attacks that our mass media blamed on bath salts and a street drug (FLAKKA) as the culprits.  Bunker sales have increased by over 700% according to RT news.  All this evidence points to a grim future for the human population. 

There is nothing new under the sun as history has a funny way of repeating itself.  The great wall that was built around China (and other ancient lands) had a specific purpose.  Monsters (mutated blood thirsty humanoids) walked the earth in our distant past and they will again.  Maybe this is why President Trump’s “crisis at the border” caused him to shut down our government to gain funds to build a very similar “great wall."  He has warned the U.S. public that something bad would occur if he doesn’t build it.

At this point, it is almost certain that a pandemic is on the way.  I suggest that we take the time we have left to prepare our families to survive this crisis.  We have written an eBook entitled, "Surviving the Wilderness Experience" that will assist you with creating a survival plan during this transition period.     

Super Snow Full Moon

2019 began with the blood wolf moon which marked the opening of spiritual gates between dimensions.  Following this major lunar event we were hit with unbelievable cold in the form of a polar vortex that changed U.S. history.  The second super-moon of 2019 is scheduled for Tuesday, February 19, 2019 and it is going to bring major changes into our planetary consciousness as humans are forced to face their true purpose in life.

How will this Moon Affect Me?

This super-moon is known as a “snow moon” and a “hunger moon” by some Native American tribes for a specific reason.  Its energy brings cold, hard change to our planetary consciousness.  This moon packs a powerful punch of energy as it is taking place in Virgo at the start of Pisces.  This timing causes humans to search for a deeper meaning in life.  Since we have been living in a very shallow time period, this marks a major event in consciousness.  

It brings a mature re-evaluation to your inner consciousness to ensure that you are living your divine purpose.  This process will assist in ego and soul alignment because Venus (which represents what we desire and love) is located between Saturn and Pluto at this time.  This will cause us to take a deeper look at what we need to get rid of in our lives, what we should keep, and what we need to change.

Although we have not planned a group activity, Ausar and I are performing an intercessory ritual for ourselves and for members of the Golden Race.  If you have a specific request and would like us to intercede on your behalf, we ask that you respond to the email that we are sending out on February 19, 2019.  

When is the Next Supermoon?

This is the second super-moon of 2019.  Most years only have two supermoons, however, 2019 has three in a row!  The next one is scheduled for March 21, the day after the start of the Spring solstice.  

This will truly be a year of unique change.    


Spiritual Cleansing

The spiritual and physical worlds were set on a collision course in 2012 and presently their entanglement has been sped up.  As a result, people are seeing shadowy figures in their peripheral vision.  Many are hearing strange sounds and unexplainable noises in their homes.  Missing items are becoming a commonplace as objects are sliding between realms.  Possession is at an all-time high, as bodies are being hijacked to commit terrorist acts by vengeful spirits.  Learning how to deal with unwanted spirits is your only line of defense in this spiritual war. 

At this time, it is imperative that you learn how to rid your home of undesirable spirits who are looking for a place to congregate.  Negative spirits can bring bad dreams, arguments, and a heavy feeling into your home.  They often whisper negative ideas in your inner ear, giving you thoughts that will lead to destruction.  Many of these spirits are earthbound and yearn to participate in the negative behaviors that got them trapped here.  If you allow them to coexist with you and your family, the result will be catastrophic. 

The best way to rid your house of these unwanted spirits is to cleanse your home with white sage.  It is an effective method that I highly recommend.  

How Do You Smudge Your Home?

Cleansing your home with white sage is easy to do.  You simply take a sage stick and light one end like a cigarette.  Hold the lit stick over a porcelain dish or shell bowl and walk around your house waving the smoke into the air.  I suggest that you go into every corner in each of your rooms (closets as well) and fan the smoke.  Personally, I pray as I do this.  If you are unfamiliar with prayer, you can command all negative spirits to leave your home.   Go from room to room until the entire house has been cleansed. 

You can also smudge yourself by lighting the sage stick and allowing the smoke to cover your body from head to toe.  This can be done while you are fully dressed or when you are naked.  If you are feeling really down, I would smudge naked and then take a purification bath to rid myself of negative energy.   

Sage sticks are sold at many natural health stores.  If you cannot find one locally, you can purchase a white sage stick in our online store.  We also sell an entire cleansing kit to assist you with keeping your home free of negative entities.  

When Should You Smudge Your Home?

1)      After you have visitors
2)      After menstrual cycles
    3)      After arguments
4)    If someone is experiencing bad dreams or toxic thoughts
5)    Once a week to keep your environment free of negative spirits
    6) When you move into a new home
    7)      Before you engage in sexual activity (smudge the room that the act will be performed in)

It is important that you remember that spirits are people who have lost their physical bodies.  They yearn to participate in activities that they enjoyed while they lived.  For example, if they enjoyed causing arguments, they will do the same thing on the spiritual plane by whispering bad ideas into your mind in hopes of seeing some fireworks.  

Why Does Sage Work?

White sage is a holy herb that has the ability to travel inter-dimensionally.  Everything on this planet has a physical and a spiritual component.  The spirit of the sage plant irritates negative spirits and will make them leave an area that has been smudged.  This technique has been used by native Americans for centuries.  

After you smudge your home, you will literally feel the difference in the atmosphere.  The air will feel lighter, and you will enjoy restful sleep as your area has been cleansed.  

We offer a 4-week Spiritual Protection course in our Mystery School which teaches our participants about the spirit world.  Participants learn about the spirit bodies, what happens after the physical body dies, how spirits interact in our reality, how spirits can attach to the aura of living people, how to rid yourself of negative spirits, and how to work with your spirit guides so that you can live a more fulfilling life.  If you are unfamiliar with spirits, I highly recommend this course, especially now while spirit activity is increasing.  This type of information will be crucial to your survival in our new world.     

Return of the Black Gods

Spiritual gateways are opening on this planet as our dimensions are beginning to merge.  Eventually we will enter the NO time, where the past, present, and future will exist simultaneously.  As this continues to occur, it is crucial that you develop an optimistic mindset!  Those who can master this technique will live in a peaceful state (heaven) while those who fail do so will be submerged in a hellish reality. 

How do we develop this optimistic mindset?  It all lies in your positive perception of yourself; the events occurring around us and in life itself are all based on your inner thoughts concerning yourself.  Once you learn how to truly believe in the goodness that you should have, you are bound to live a joyful and prosperous life. 

Unfortunately, many of us have been programmed to do just the opposite as we are constantly reminded of our ancestral past miseries, morbidity, and struggles in the numerous slave and civil rights injustice films that have been created.  It is important for us to realize that life’s pleasure would not be appreciated if it were not balanced with unhappiness.  Pain cannot be felt if all we know is joy. Tears would lose its worth if we always experienced happiness. Confidence would not be recognized if we do not fall flat on our face sometimes.

However, physical life is a unique privilege that we can manipulate with our consciousness.  We must begin to build our mental faculties so that we won’t negate precious moments that will never occur again.  A moment that’s passed has vanished forever, but your soul force is immortal and will exist when your physical body has returned to the earth.

Living an optimistic life enables us to recognize the fullness of our potentials.  Although we all have an equal chance for recognition, many of us fail to share our experiences with others because we surrender to negative entities even before a battle has begun.  As creators, we are often met with critics of our positive and mentally uplifting videos and articles who are unwilling to let go of their negative views of themselves and our race.  They have been programmed for defeat and are threatened when anyone challenges their belief system.   

This is unfortunate because we are living at a special time that will allow EVERYONE to live in a golden age of consciousness.  If you want to fully experience the new world, you must be brave enough to venture into the unknown by exploring new liberating concepts.  The old confining paradigm is being destroyed because it was created to prohibit you from living your life.  Do not allow your own inner miserable demons of low self-confidence to erect a prison in your mind.

Those who are brave enough to explore other possibilities beyond our societal norms are confident within themselves.  Learning to take risks will allow you to discover the deeper aspects of our newly emerging reality. Faith in yourself is the primary component needed to create a risk-taker, i.e. a hero.  Without this, you are like a warrior who has lost his armor.

From birth, we were equipped with all the skills that we will use in the later stages of our lives. One such skill is the ability to face challenges and to face them with confidence, both in ourselves and in the Great Spirit within all of us.

We have been given an equal chance to develop our self-confidence, even when it feels like other racial groups have been blessed more than ours.  Many share a common belief that life is unfair when in fact, life is what you make it.  We all have our shares of blessings and our shares of challenges. The difference lies in our perception of things and how they are handled.  

Although some groups have been programmed to believe they are greater or lessor, you, as an individual, are what you believe you are.  What others think of you is irrelevant.  Every event in your life is based on your level of self-confidence and self-esteem.  This is why you were warned in ancient scriptures to guard your heart and mind for out of it flows the issues of life.  If the T.V. (tell-lies-through vision) set is programming you to hate yourself, turn it off and tune into the Golden Race Radio station or subscribe to our YouTube channel.  We will remind you daily of how special you are.  

It is crucial to your survival in the next reality that you strengthen your self-esteem and self-confidence.  These two tools will enable you to fortify yourself in the new world.  All changes will come from within as the currency will be mental.  Realization of how valuable you are and how beautifully you were created cannot be fortified by outside reinforcement if you, yourself do not want to accept this one simple truth.

You must utilize self-love techniques in order to merge with your higher self as it is among the most wonderful ventures you will take in life.  

Daily Activity:

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The Black Gods will only resurrect in those who have embraced self-love in their own consciousness. 

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The God Within

There is a guru who has divine knowledge that can change your life and put you on the road to success.  You won't find this person on television, in a church, nor a mosque.  This divine being is closer than you think and most people will live their entire lives and never experience this omniscient presence.  

People are constantly searching for solutions to make positive changes that lead to a successful life.  Most fail, simply because they continuously look outside of themselves for answers to major life decisions such as how to make substantial income, how to create a strong family unit, how to attract a lifelong mate, etc.. Most never realize that the guru that they are seeking lives inside of them. 

Historically, all major societal changes stemmed from a change in the collective consciousness. For example, indigenous women decades ago were labeled as witches, simply because our ancestors relied heavily on natural resources and used herbal remedies to heal.  Because our people were not like the western invaders they were categorized as evil.  This was unfortunate because our ancestors were deeply connected to nature and held many ancient answers that could have positively affected their societies.

Presently, our planet’s frequency is rising and as a result, our ancestral knowledge has resurfaced in our reality and has finally met the consciousness of the European colonizers.  Therefore, Wicca is becoming popular.  More people are starting to realize that organics and natural resources benefit us more so than medicinal remedies.  Instead, of persecuting or killing their “modern day witches,” who identify themselves as Holistic or Wiccan remedy seekers, the Establishment has invited them to teach everyone these ancient remedies to assist in their healing process. 

So, mankind has finally reached the level of consciousness that humanity has had for eons.  Unfortunately, many of the indigenous people who survived the global holocaust have forgotten the ancient way and are too afraid to venture into their ancestral traditions for fear of persecution.   Returning to the ancient way is the only way that you will be able to exist in the third dimension in the near future.  The new era that is quickly emerging requires that everyone follow the laws of nature.  If you fail to do so, you will be removed.   

The Path to Life is Narrow

Instead of waiting on the societal consciousness to evolve, we must learn to use our own self-reliance and intuition to constructively make changes that lead to our success.  We are our ancestors, so their truth still lives deep within us.  It is time that we remember the ancient way and utilize the original methodology to solve our problems with our own answers.  There is nothing new under the sun.  All the new age theories are not new at all.  They have always existed and will always be, for truth never dies, it is just often hidden. 

It is Time to Meet Your Inner Guru

There is one energy that permeates all life on earth and it exists in all time periods simultaneously.  Our ancestors referred to this energy as the Great Spirit.  You can tap into the knowledge of the Great Spirit by following these simple steps: 

1) Start with meditation. Meditation will help you reflect on questions and to receive divine answers directly from Spirit.  

2) Take the time to think about the problems you face.  When you slow down and think about your problems, you will soon discover that the answer is within your grasp.

3) Ponder the solutions to your problems.  Your ancestral DNA will often make suggestions to you in the form of inner thoughts.  Take time to research these thoughts.  You will be surprised how accurate their advice is. 

The more time that you spend in meditation tapping into the Great Spirit energy the easier your life will become.  

Exploring the Great Spirit energy (subconscious mind) builds awareness. Enter your mind willingly to learn, to gain insight, and to explore our true planetary history.  Energy is never destroyed only transferred, so  the physicians, magicians, alchemists, and other great minds still exist within the Great Spirit energy.  In short, you have hidden answers within your subconscious mind.  Use meditation practices to explore and find the answers you seek. 

Only you know what you need.  Only you can explore your mind to find answers and to reconstruct how you feel about yourself.  When you grow to love yourself, you will start to feel good as your positive thinking and your ability to solve your own problems has put you on the path to success.  

Life will become easier for you to navigate.  True planetary history located in the Akashic records (Great Spirit archives) has a funny way of repeating itself, therefore it is important that you learn from Spirit (not his-story…European tall tales).  Take the information you learn and use it to your advantage. 

Divine Knowledge for a Divine Race is Now Available

You can now own multiple Ausar N Auset videos by purchasing the Golden Race video series.  Each season is packed with knowledge you won’t find anywhere else, created specifically for members of the Golden Race.  The information contained in these videos are crucial to the resurrection of the divine who are seeded among men.  This new product was created to ensure that ALL members have access to this divine information. 

The series is broken into Seasons that are based on specific topics.  They contain many videos that most of our YouTube subscribers have never seen!   I can guarantee you will be intrigued by the topics that are presented as it was all channeled directly from Spirit.  This is so much more than a video product, it is literally divine knowledge for a divine race.

We are presently offering Seasons I and II.  Season I is entitled, Metaphysical Spirituality.  In this season you learn the metaphysical meanings behind many ancient scriptures.  This video series reveals who the beast of Revelations is, the truth behind the Great Tribulation, heaven, and hell.  It consists of 8 videos on a 2 disc set.  Total run time is 148 minutes.   

Season II is entitled, Order Out of Chaos.  This season exposes the fact that our planet has been hijacked by a terrorist regime.  You will learn the true history of planet Terra (earth) and what is presently being done to set right what has gone so terribly wrong.  It consists of 7 videos.  Total run time is 125 minutes. 

These seasons contain priceless information which can be passed down and kept for future generations.  They are available in MP4 and DVD formats in our online store

Tell Pastor Porkchop to Get a Real Job!!

The scriptures told you that God lives in heaven, and that heaven is inside of you.  Heaven is a state of consciousness (peace of mind), and “God” is a universal divine force that permeates all things.  Many people refer to this divine essence as your soul.  So, if you were instructed to give God 10% of your earnings, then the writer was advising you to save 10% of your income.  You need to save your money so you will have access to these funds for future emergencies. 

When I was a child, my mother was a devote Christian, and one of the first things she taught me was to give God 10% of my income in the form of a tithe if I wanted to be blessed.  I remember my preacher asking his congregation, “Would a man rob God?”   This statement alone made everyone dig deep into their pockets to give him their hard-earned money believing they were honoring God by doing so.  The older I got, I questioned many things, and once I learned that God lived in me, I knew my mother had been lied to by her pastor.  My intuitive thoughts were confirmed when she fell on hard times and attempted to borrow money from the church she’d tithed at for years and they denied her access to emergency funds.  It was at that point I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that the only one who had been robbed was her!

Having a surplus of money in your time of need will bring you a piece of heaven (safety and security) into your life.  Therefore, the scriptures referred to these funds as “bread in a storehouse.”  Bread is a slang term that many people use to refer to money.  I heard my father-in-law brag about how his son was earning “long bread,” meaning he earned a lot of money. 

Unfortunately, many of our people were taught incorrectly so that their greedy pastors can live luxury lifestyles while they barely survive.  During this time of conscious awareness, we must begin to the see the divine within ourselves so we are no longer used as a piggy bank for Pastor Porkchop.  Consciousness is more than meditation, crystals, and positive thoughts.  It should permeate every decision we make.   

Saving for emergencies is a conscious decision that every adult should engage in.  My advice is for you to tithe off every dollar you earn and put your money in an interest-bearing savings account so you have emergency funds for future use.   

"Let him that stole steal no more: but rather let him labour, working with his hands the thing which is good, that he may have to give to him that needeth." 

Ephesians 4:28