Vampires and Mutants Collide

Our planetary resurrection is in full swing!  Lives are being lost daily due to ancestral charged super-storms that are tearing up the terrain.  These events are coupled with the mental deterioration of low vibration beings which has resulted in unprecedented mass shootings and suicides.  These unconscious spirits are filling up the astral plane at such an alarming rate it is causing a surge in negative energy.  During this planetary detox, it is very important that those who are mutating to survive in the higher vibratory environment learn how to psychically protect and ground themselves from the energy vampires whose numbers are growing daily. 

While most of the population will perish because of their low vibratory rates, those of higher vibrations must ensure their spiritual safety by learning how to protect themselves from vampiric spiritual attacks.  As your spiritual level increases, your empathic abilities will soar.  You will literally be able to feel the emotions and energies of those around you.   If you are unprotected, you will be susceptible to energetic attacks as these lost souls and negative spirits are yearning to re-enter the land of the living.  

Psychic vampires, energy suckers, and soulless beings are filling our astral plane in unprecedented numbers.  Many who are ignorant and transition in fear often become trapped between realms and yearn to experience life again.  They will attach to the auras of the living who match their low vibratory rate.  When this happens, they feed off your life force.  

Besides the deceased, you have living energy vampires who are fighting to survive on this planet as its vibratory rate is increasing daily.  The higher the planetary frequency rises, the lower these vampires’ energy levels will continue to drop.  Their only hope is to feed of the prana of those of a higher vibratory rate.  At this time, the lower level beings outnumber higher beings 3 to 1, making this a very toxic environment for the ignorant. 

Signs You Are of A Higher Vibration

People near you often report feeling better when they leave your presence

You can tell when someone’s lying to you

You can literally feel someone else’s physical ailment

You feel overwhelmed in crowded places

You have random mood swings for no apparent reason

You instinctively know what someone should do to feel better

You feel emotionally drained after being around sad, mad, and angry people 

If you answered yes to 4 or more of the signs listed above, CONGRATULATIONS, you are elevating in consciousness and will ultimately ascend with the planet!  However, you must learn how to psychically protect yourself during this planetary shift.  You are mutating to become a higher being, while those around you are turning into energy vampires.  Their only hope for survival is to feed off the divine mutants.  

We will teach you how to be like Blade and cut these energy suckers from your life.  We are hosting a Live Chat webinar on Energy Vampires on Saturday, June 22, 2019, at noon. During this webinar, we will teach you how to identify and protect yourself from the vampires in your life.  You will also learn how they feed, operate, and intercept your life to survive.  We will discuss meditation techniques you can do to protect yourself during this cosmic shift.    If you are not a Golden Race member and you would like to participate, you can do so by purchasing a one-time pass.  

In addition to the Live Chat, we also have a comprehensive guide which outlines exactly what you need to do to mutate up with the planet.   If you cannot attend our Live Chat, we highly recommend you purchase a copy of the guide as it can save your life. 

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