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Some of our crown chakras are wide open providing us a direct channel to divine spiritual advice while others are still working to reactivate their full chakra system.  When you cannot hear directly from Spirit, it leaves you in perpetual doubt as you are innately unsure of which decision to make.  You call family members and friends hoping to find sound advice giving you a 50/50 chance of making the right decision.  If you can identify with this level of uncertainty, there is a way you can gain divine insight with a much higher success rate.  

As our great mother’s energy is filling the planet, it is important that you learn how to divine everything you contemplate doing prior to doing it.  How? Follow the ways of our ancestors and use divination practices to unlock the answers that are located deep in your subconscious mind.  

Why Does Divination Work?

There is one force which permeates the universe.  This force separated itself into infinite forms to experience what we collectively call life.  During this grand divide, the pieces often forget that they too are divine and have access to the tablet of infinite information.  All that IS, WAS, and WILL BE has already been created and is playing itself out in our present-day reality in what appears to be a linear form.  However, time is an illusion of human consciousness.

Learning how to tap into the infinite pool of potentiality grants you the ability to make the best choice in every situation.  Divination assists you in doing this by allowing your subconscious mind to bring you the answers you seek.

Personally, I am a dreamer who can see what I should do prior to the events taking place.  However, occasionally, less important choices appear in my reality which I may not have seen in a vision or dream.  Before making a final choice, I always divine the situation by either consulting with my spirit guides or by using my Tarot cards and trust me, the cards NEVER lie!!  My cards have saved me so much time I would have wasted had I not used them to discern future potentialities.  

How Does it Work?
You start by asking a question, and the cards will give you divine insight into not only your own life but into those around you.  Just recently I inquired about a woman who had been causing a lot of stress on my family.  I did a three card draw which showed me her past, present, and future.  The cards revealed the treachery she has done in a position of leadership during her past and present.  However, her future showed hard work ahead as she was soon to be knocked off her high horse.

As fate would have it, her husband died, and she is struggling to make ends meet as he left her in a world of debt.  The lavish lifestyle that she was used to living has been stripped from her.  All the pain she attempted to send our way in shady business practices have now been returned to her, just as the cards showed me it would be.

Why Should you Divine All Situations?
As the original people of the planet, we should be the oracles of our families and communities. When our family and friends come to us for sound advice, we must have a clear channel to the divine open so we can give them divine wisdom in their time of need.  Reciting old clich├ęs and played out scriptures of Jesus’ goodness will no longer be effective as our environment is returning to its original majestic form.  
We are Willing to Teach You

If you would like to learn more about the art of divination, we offer two courses I highly recommend; Tarot and The Ancient Art of Divination.  Our Tarot course is 4 weeks long, and it takes you card by card assisting you in deciphering their meanings, the various spreads, and how to adequately apply the knowledge you are given to everyday questions and situations.

The Ancient Art of Divination teaches you how to work with divining rods and the pendulum to receive yes and no answers to your questions.  It is a short course which can be completed in 1 week’s time.  There is NO application fee or enrollment fee to pay.  Simply purchase the course and have it emailed to you within 24 hours.  

Having divine knowledge and insight is a special gift that every member of the Golden Race should have access to as it puts you in a powerful position.

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