The Knowing

Some of our crown chakras are wide open providing us a direct channel to divine spiritual advice while others are still working to reactivate their full chakra system.  When you cannot hear directly from Spirit, it leaves you in perpetual doubt as you are innately unsure of which decision to make.  You call family members and friends hoping to find sound advice giving you a 50/50 chance of making the right decision.  If you can identify with this level of uncertainty, there is a way you can gain divine insight with a much higher success rate.  

As our great mother’s energy is filling the planet, it is important that you learn how to divine everything you contemplate doing prior to doing it.  How? Follow the ways of our ancestors and use divination practices to unlock the answers that are located deep in your subconscious mind.  

Why Does Divination Work?

There is one force which permeates the universe.  This force separated itself into infinite forms to experience what we collectively call life.  During this grand divide, the pieces often forget that they too are divine and have access to the tablet of infinite information.  All that IS, WAS, and WILL BE has already been created and is playing itself out in our present-day reality in what appears to be a linear form.  However, time is an illusion of human consciousness.

Learning how to tap into the infinite pool of potentiality grants you the ability to make the best choice in every situation.  Divination assists you in doing this by allowing your subconscious mind to bring you the answers you seek.

Personally, I am a dreamer who can see what I should do prior to the events taking place.  However, occasionally, less important choices appear in my reality which I may not have seen in a vision or dream.  Before making a final choice, I always divine the situation by either consulting with my spirit guides or by using my Tarot cards and trust me, the cards NEVER lie!!  My cards have saved me so much time I would have wasted had I not used them to discern future potentialities.  

How Does it Work?
You start by asking a question, and the cards will give you divine insight into not only your own life but into those around you.  Just recently I inquired about a woman who had been causing a lot of stress on my family.  I did a three card draw which showed me her past, present, and future.  The cards revealed the treachery she has done in a position of leadership during her past and present.  However, her future showed hard work ahead as she was soon to be knocked off her high horse.

As fate would have it, her husband died, and she is struggling to make ends meet as he left her in a world of debt.  The lavish lifestyle that she was used to living has been stripped from her.  All the pain she attempted to send our way in shady business practices have now been returned to her, just as the cards showed me it would be.

Why Should you Divine All Situations?
As the original people of the planet, we should be the oracles of our families and communities. When our family and friends come to us for sound advice, we must have a clear channel to the divine open so we can give them divine wisdom in their time of need.  Reciting old clichés and played out scriptures of Jesus’ goodness will no longer be effective as our environment is returning to its original majestic form.  
We are Willing to Teach You

If you would like to learn more about the art of divination, we offer two courses I highly recommend; Tarot and The Ancient Art of Divination.  Our Tarot course is 4 weeks long, and it takes you card by card assisting you in deciphering their meanings, the various spreads, and how to adequately apply the knowledge you are given to everyday questions and situations.

The Ancient Art of Divination teaches you how to work with divining rods and the pendulum to receive yes and no answers to your questions.  It is a short course which can be completed in 1 week’s time.  There is NO application fee or enrollment fee to pay.  Simply purchase the course and have it emailed to you within 24 hours.  

Having divine knowledge and insight is a special gift that every member of the Golden Race should have access to as it puts you in a powerful position.

Divine Beings Require Divine Food

Our ancestors knew that food was the only medicine our bodies needed to remain healthy.  Unfortunately, our planetary invaders learned this ancient knowledge and used it as a weapon for world domination and control.  As a result, many of the original fruits and vegetables have been genetically altered to prohibit humans from gaining the full effects of their nutrient content.  From bananas to watermelons, your produce has been hijacked to stop your divine ascension. 

As our planet is being filled with both terrestrial and cosmic radiation, many of the original fruits of the planet are being reintroduced to western society to slow mankind’s eventual annihilation.  Although they can assist Mankind, Humans in particular can especially benefit from consuming these original fruits as they can supercharge your DNA.  One of the divine fruits we highly recommend every Human and member of the Golden Race consume is dragon fruit.  Its beautiful bright color and odd appearance is just the beginning of its life-sustaining benefits.  

10 Benefits of Consuming Dragon Fruit

1)      It keeps your body hydrated as it contains 80-90% water content.  

2)      It promotes a healthy stomach because it has a prebiotic effect.  It also promotes the growth of healthy bacteria which assists with diarrhea prevention and nutrient absorption for your gastrointestinal tract. 

3)      It promotes internal fluidity because it contains pectin.  Pectin is a dietary fiber source which helps you reduce constipation and reduce the bad LDL cholesterol.  It also helps to clear clogged blood vessels. 

4)      It reduces diabetic and cardiac stress. Studies have discovered dragon fruit was effective in reducing aortic stiffness, especially in diabetic subjects.  By consuming dragon fruit, it reduces the risk of thrombosis and slows the rate of plaque formation which decreases coronary inflammation. 

5)      Dragon fruit provides essential fatty acids.  The seeds provide two fatty acids your body needs to reduce cardiovascular diseases. 

6)      It suppresses metabolic disorders. It can heal the liver syndrome and the consequences of obesity. 

7)      It curbs diabetic conditions as it is a low glycemic food which contains only 60 calories, making it a better choice than an apple or banana.  Research found dragon fruits can decrease insulin resistance in Type 2 subjects. 

8)        Dragon fruit energizes the body.  It is rich in vitamins-B particularly thiamin, riboflavin, and niacin which are critical in converting food to energy.  It serves in healing from high cholesterol and triglyceride levels. 

9)      It fights free radicals. Free radicals cause chronic diseases.  Dragon fruit has antioxidants such as flavonoids and betanin which can slow the aging process, reduce the catalytic escalation of bad cholesterol, and prevent cell damage. 

10)   It reduces the risk of cancer.  Its pulp contains lycopene - an antioxidant which reduces several cancers.   A study compared different fruits and found a significant relationship between the lycopene properties in dragon fruits and the reduction of prostate cancer growth. 

If you have not tried dragon fruit and would like to benefit from this divine produce, visit your local organic grocer today!  We purchase ours from Earthfare.  Ausar and I have been consuming this organic produce daily and its positive energies have made a lasting impression on both our physical and spiritual bodies as our aura is shining bright!  

Vampires and Mutants Collide

Our planetary resurrection is in full swing!  Lives are being lost daily due to ancestral charged super-storms that are tearing up the terrain.  These events are coupled with the mental deterioration of low vibration beings which has resulted in unprecedented mass shootings and suicides.  These unconscious spirits are filling up the astral plane at such an alarming rate it is causing a surge in negative energy.  During this planetary detox, it is very important that those who are mutating to survive in the higher vibratory environment learn how to psychically protect and ground themselves from the energy vampires whose numbers are growing daily. 

While most of the population will perish because of their low vibratory rates, those of higher vibrations must ensure their spiritual safety by learning how to protect themselves from vampiric spiritual attacks.  As your spiritual level increases, your empathic abilities will soar.  You will literally be able to feel the emotions and energies of those around you.   If you are unprotected, you will be susceptible to energetic attacks as these lost souls and negative spirits are yearning to re-enter the land of the living.  

Psychic vampires, energy suckers, and soulless beings are filling our astral plane in unprecedented numbers.  Many who are ignorant and transition in fear often become trapped between realms and yearn to experience life again.  They will attach to the auras of the living who match their low vibratory rate.  When this happens, they feed off your life force.  

Besides the deceased, you have living energy vampires who are fighting to survive on this planet as its vibratory rate is increasing daily.  The higher the planetary frequency rises, the lower these vampires’ energy levels will continue to drop.  Their only hope is to feed of the prana of those of a higher vibratory rate.  At this time, the lower level beings outnumber higher beings 3 to 1, making this a very toxic environment for the ignorant. 

Signs You Are of A Higher Vibration

People near you often report feeling better when they leave your presence

You can tell when someone’s lying to you

You can literally feel someone else’s physical ailment

You feel overwhelmed in crowded places

You have random mood swings for no apparent reason

You instinctively know what someone should do to feel better

You feel emotionally drained after being around sad, mad, and angry people 

If you answered yes to 4 or more of the signs listed above, CONGRATULATIONS, you are elevating in consciousness and will ultimately ascend with the planet!  However, you must learn how to psychically protect yourself during this planetary shift.  You are mutating to become a higher being, while those around you are turning into energy vampires.  Their only hope for survival is to feed off the divine mutants.  

We will teach you how to be like Blade and cut these energy suckers from your life.  We are hosting a Live Chat webinar on Energy Vampires on Saturday, June 22, 2019, at noon. During this webinar, we will teach you how to identify and protect yourself from the vampires in your life.  You will also learn how they feed, operate, and intercept your life to survive.  We will discuss meditation techniques you can do to protect yourself during this cosmic shift.    If you are not a Golden Race member and you would like to participate, you can do so by purchasing a one-time pass.  

In addition to the Live Chat, we also have a comprehensive guide which outlines exactly what you need to do to mutate up with the planet.   If you cannot attend our Live Chat, we highly recommend you purchase a copy of the guide as it can save your life. 

Narrow is the Way....and Few will Find It

When I first discovered the god of my religion was fake, I desperately wanted to know who the real “God” was.  This question took me on a spiritual journey that changed my life forever.  To my amazement, I found “God” in the one place that every modern-day religion warned their followers to never look….in the “occult.”  

The Physical Attack

When the current planetary rulers usurped power from humanity, they attacked humans on both a physical and mental level.  The physical attack was brutal as they launched crusades worldwide murdering anyone who looked to nature, their ancestors, or the original divine pantheons for their answers.  Women were hung and burned alive for practicing herbalism, working with the forces of nature, and for following the ways of their ancestors.  Men were also slaughtered if they did not accept Jesus Christ or Allah as their lord and savior (depending on what part of the world you incarnated in).  Years of torturous acts at the hands of pilgrims and religious fanatics aided in ushering in the mental attack which was detrimental to humanity’s psyche. 

The Mental Attack 

The main force used during their mental onslaught was fear.  Fear has a crippling effect on the minds of those who it traps in its grasp, forever stunting their spiritual growth and development.  They intentionally relabeled the ancient gods as demons.   They created pseudo names such as Satan, the Devil, Lucifer, fallen angels, and Djinn to describe many of the original Neteru (Elohim).  The place where they reside was relabeled as hell and wild stories of eternal torture were spread worldwide to ensure no human ever wanted to be near them.  Hollywood producers have spent billions of dollars making fear-based slanderous movies against indigenous spirituality.  These mind-control flicks coupled with the millions of churches, synagogues, and missionaries have successfully fragmented the minds of billions of people on this planet into spiritual retardation which has resulted in a never-ending cycle of spiritual regression.  Thus plunging the indigenous tribes of the earth into the dark ages.

Once they successfully turned humans away from their ancient spiritual practices, they secretly began to practice our original forms of spirituality in “Luciferian” and “Satanic” groups.  These two names alone are powerful enough to instill fear in humanity from ever returning to the ancient way.  The psychological fear-based programming that most humans operate under has kept them away from ever discovering their inner divinity.  Your oppressors deliberately did this because they knew this was your only way to true planetary liberation.

Benefits of Practicing the Ancient Way

When you press through your fear and study the ways of your ancestors, you will have all the blanks filled in.  The problems and cares of this life will fade away as the truth rises like the phoenix from the ashes.  Lies will be quickly revealed and removed and only truth will remain.  Your life will once again have meaning as the world around you is resurrected.  The pain, desperation, suffering, and despair you have come accustomed to experiencing in these dead religions will be removed as meaning returns to your life.  

To ensure all who want to return to the ancient way and work directly with the forces of nature can do so, we are inviting you to join our Inner Sanctum group as we dive deep into who we are, why we incarnated, and learn how to work with the energies of the ancients on a personal level to gain guidance, divine protection, increase, to remove self-sabotaging thoughts, and to bring a real change into your life.

Those who are already Golden Race members will be automatically approved for this top tier group if you apply.  Those who are not, are welcome to apply on our website.  If you yearn to KNOW who you are and to become the best version of yourself, I highly recommend you join this group.

There is a Place of You

As you awaken in consciousness, the world can become a very lonely place as you realize many of your biological family members and friends are still sleeping.  Humans were not created to exist in a state of constant solitude, as relationships with other people who share your mindset is crucial to your soul growth.  To ensure all the Starseeds who are scattered around the globe have a SiStar or a brother they can confide in, we have been moved by Spirit to create two closed groups, one for males and another for females.

The Divine Brotherhood (for men) and The SiStarhood Sorority (for women) so we can discuss topics and host activities that are of a sensitive nature in a co-ed environment.  We want all our members to feel safe to share their experiences in a spiritually mature environment.  Although you may feel like you are alone, you are NEVER alone, and with a divine sibling by your side desiring the best for you, you can reach the stars!!  

These two independent groups will enable us to have more interaction with our members so we can assist you with your spiritual growth and development.  If you haven't signed up, check them out today.  

All current Golden Race members are automatically approved!!  

Not a Golden Race member, but would like to join our groups?  You can apply on our website by clicking the links associated above.  

We would love for you to join the Cosmic Family.

We will still host the Golden Race closed group for all members, but sensitive information won't be available on this forum.  

You Now Have Access to Ancient Information that will Change Your Life!!!

Would you like to gain clarity in your life? Become more aware in every situation? Discover your life purpose? Find out the root causes of recurring life issues?  Experience complete freedom by having a total perspective on every choice available to you?  Well, there is a way you can do this, and we are here to ensure every member of the Golden Race has access to this ancient knowledge.  

There is an imprint of every thought, action, emotion, and experience that has ever occurred in time and space located in an ancient library.  This library is known as the Akashic Records.  It is literally the imprint of all experiences of all lifetimes in all realities.  It is an etheric, holographic repository of information for human consciousness that contains the past, present and future potentials.  This knowledge permeates and creates everything in the Universe. 

These ancient records are available to everyone, everywhere, at all times.  You have unconsciously accessed this knowledge in the past.  Your thoughts of intuition and divine knowing that occurs daily are quick accesses into the ancient wisdom that is stored in the Akashic Records.  Your divine heritage grants you access to the ancient wisdom and knowledge contained in these records.

The Akashic Records is the DNA of the universe.  It contains a collection of everything that has, is, and will occur in our reality.  Every soul has its own, unique Akashic Record housed within this ancient library.  Learning how to access this information can change your life for the better. 

Benefits of Accessing the Akashic Records

Divine Healing

Carrying around old baggage can be detrimental for not only your soul but also for your body and mind.  When you have access to the Akashic records, you can clear this baggage by having full over-standing of why events and situations have occurred in your life.  This knowledge brings divine healing to all who possess it. 

Total Freedom

Soul healing grants you complete freedom and puts you on the path of lifetime success.  The ability to make conscious life choices based on your ancient history is truly a life-changing event. It empowers you to do things without worrying about what others think.  This type of total emotional freedom will grant you both health and vitality.  

Freedom from Diseases

Many have been kept from living a fulfilling life due to unresolved childhood traumas and negative experiences.  These types of “unfinished” issues will manifest in your body as dis-eases. Reoccurring illnesses are a sign of untreated emotional baggage.  Having the ability to remove the emotional causes of your disease can heal your body permanently.  

To ensure every member of the Golden Race can access these ancient records, we have created a short at-home study course.  In this course you will learn: 

What the Akashic records are
Why they exist
How to access them
The benefit of an Akashic reading
The goal of reading the Akashic records
Guided meditations
and Much More!!

There is NO ENROLLMENT FEE and NO APPLICATION PROCESS to complete! Order your course and start learning today!

Having access to this ancient knowledge can set you on the path to divine soul growth granting you total and complete freedom.  

There is Healing for Your Soul

You are a masterpiece, a divine source of limitless potential and energy.  Within you is a vast well of power, knowledge, and eternal life.  You were created with a complex mind and an immortal soul that instinctively elevates to meet the infinite boundaries of being.  Unfortunately, few are aware of these facts and have shattered their souls due to traumatic life experiences.  Next week we will begin the process of retrieving all the pieces of our souls to make us whole again during our 72-hour Mind, Body, and Soul detox. 

Our quest for happiness, earthly success, and for a better quality of life is an ongoing process.  Most anticipate the promises of tomorrow with more pleasant life experiences.  While others cling to various physical objects for joy and satisfaction.  However, few realize that many of our desires are hidden within us.  There is much more to each of us than meets the eye. 

This life we live is laced with both positive and negative experiences.  When traumatic events occur in our lives, a portion of our soul often separates from our psyche as a protective measure to ensure the ego consciousness can function properly.  Over time, these types of separations can cause a spiritual fracture or soul damage.  This is common in “fight or flight” scenarios where there are two psychological responses at different extremities.  Most people find it easier to use the “flight” response as it is the most comforting way to deal with a negative situation.  However, over time, avoiding something can slowly and subtly cause harm as the feeding effect siphons the vital energy of the “healthy” soul body.  The soul is left aching for acknowledgement or resolution.


Your perception is altered when a piece of the soul is fractured.  

A void occurs and you feel a sense of emptiness and/or uncertainty about your life.  

You may become physically or mentally ill with no known cause for your ailment.  

You may experience life as being dull or feel as if you are stuck in a pointless monotony with little chance of escape.  

Negative feelings often lead to chronic depression, fatigue, confusion, and forgetfulness as you experience mood swings and/or nightmares. 


Many painful and traumatic events in our pasts, particularly from childhood, become buried deep within the subconscious mind causing the soul to fracture.  Your soul yearns to return to them—to deal and heal these traumas.  But consciously, we instinctively strive to avoid all painful experiences, which is why so many unresolved issues often become buried.  By isolating portions of our minds, we unintentionally freeze them in time.  


Next week, and once every quarter, we will perform a ritualistic soul retrieval meditation to assist our members in reuniting all aspects of themselves that have been shattered and/or buried.  This activity will enable all participants to regain a sense of wholeness and self-awareness.  The first group activity is scheduled for the final day of our detox, May 18, 2019 on the Full Flower Moon.  

If you would like to participate in our 72-hour detox next week, you can do so by purchasing a participation pass in our online store.   The eBook guide will be emailed to you upon purchase.  You will be added to a closed group specifically created for this event.  We will post two instructional videos in this group next week to ensure everyone is familiar with the ritual procedures prior to the event.  

As we detoxify our minds and bodies, we will collect all the fragments of our souls; making us whole again.  Those who choose to participate will be shocked at what they discover.  As you meet the other aspects of yourself remember there is nothing to fear.  We all suppress aspects of ourselves for various reasons.  Remember to trust your intuition, expand your senses, and be open to the experience.  

Finding the Answers You Seek

We live in an elaborate mental construct that is filled with energetic forces.  Learning how to tap into our planetary ancient reservoir of information can yield amazing results in your life.  Prior to modern day technology, divining was the way our ancestors accessed this information. If you are interested in learning more about this ancient technique, continue reading.

What is Dowsing?

If you have a question, and are unsure of the answer, dowsing can be used.  Prior to modern day technology, our ancestors would locate underground water reserves by dowsing.  Knowing exactly where to dig a well required more than just guessing or using the rational mind.  Instead they used dowsing, an intuitive method that gave them precise locations.  With over a 90% success rate our water dowsers had astounding accuracy.  

Besides just locating underground water and natural resources dowsing can also be used to obtain answers for literally ANY question you may have.  When you dowse, you tap into your subconscious mind and spirit forces who can assist you in obtaining the answers you seek.  

How Does Dowsing Work?

Dowsing employs the use of tools that act as indicators to your “yes” or “no” questions.  It is easy to do and can be performed by anyone who has an intent to learn.  You start by asking a question in your mind.  The tools will respond to show the answer. 

The most common dowsing tools are the pendulum and the L-shaped rod.   There is nothing magical about either tool.  They are simply indicators that interact with your subconscious mind.  

It Can’t Be That Easy?  Can it? 

There is a science to how and why dowsing works.  If you are interested in learning more, I highly recommend our short home study course entitled, “The Ancient Art of Divination: Dowsing for Beginners.”  In this course you will learn: 

What dowsing is and how to do it
More about dowsing tools 
How to use the tools correctly
Why and how dowsing works
How to work with earth’s energies
Ancient sites and their energies
and Much More...

There is NO enrollment fee and NO application to complete

Often, when you ask a really good question, and receive an answer, it stimulates more questions in your mind.  Every question has an answer and searching for them will begin a unique spiritual journey.  This is the nature of life and dowsing is truly a natural journey.  Those who embark on this journey will forever be changed. 

Divine Resurrection: Kundalini Rising

As a child raised in a Christian family, I have vivid memories of getting ready for one of the most important holidays of the year, Easter Sunday.  My mother would buy us beautiful dresses, new shoes, and a purse to wear.  I would stay up the weekend before having my hair pressed out and curled.  We dyed Easter eggs and had baskets stuffed with goodies, which I couldn’t wait to indulge in after church.  Everyone showed up in their Sunday’s best expecting our preacher’s well-prepared sermon for the big day.  We always arrived early to ensure we’d get a seat in the crowded building as members who hadn’t attended all year would show up on this day.  As lovely as the fellowship was, it is unfortunate the members were completely unaware of the spiritual resurrection that was supposed to occur within themselves.

What is a spiritual resurrection?

The spiritual resurrection is often referred to as a great realization; as it is a divine state of enlightenment. Few have fully experienced it, however those who were fortunate enough to have been changed forever!  The resurrected one becomes a new creature as their old habits and thoughts fade from their consciousness.  Some spiritual disciplines offer guidelines to assist you in reaching this divine state of full awareness and enlightenment.  However, some believe this awakening only happens as an unplanned and unexpected phenomenon as it is a deep and often philosophical experience where man realizes his own true nature and maintains a balanced life relative to his environment.

Our resurrection occurred when we desired a deeper walk with God.  We asked for a 100-fold walk and ended up unlocking a door to our subconscious minds that will never be closed again.  Your awakening may be initiated by other means.   Depending on your line of thought, the approach, and the book you’re reading or the teacher you’re following your spiritual awakening may vary. Some require complicated steps while others just require several kinds of meditations and the awakening they are seeking will eventually occur.  Most require guidance to trigger their resurrection.  May it be specific steps or generic principles, people with prior knowledge find it easier to reach a state of spiritual enlightenment.

How should you begin?

Start by preparing your mind by entertaining the possibility of your own divinity.  Whether you believe in a step-by-step process or you only accept the fact the spiritual awakening happens in a natural and more spontaneous way, preparing yourself brings you closer to your goal.  How? Believing truthfully that there is more to this reality than meets the eye is something you should begin to ponder. Analyze yourself and acknowledge your shortcomings, problems, and ability to change your life.  Next determine how your thoughts relate to your life situations and your environment.

As you discover more about yourself, take the time to understand our reality.  Place yourself in the world you live in and see how you relate to it given all the things you’ve learned about yourself. Attaining an awakened or enlightened spirit comes from understanding the world and how you react to it and how you can impact it.  Learn to think outside of the box and weigh all possibilities, not just the ideas the masses accept as true.

Then you should learn the process of healing.  Once issues and problems have been clearly identified, find the path of healing not only focusing on healing yourself but also promoting healing to others. This is an important aspect of reaching an awakened or enlightened state.  Finally, seek to achieve balance.  Balance in both the physical and spirit bodies are ideal.  You are more than just a physical body; you are a living soul.  Your soul is eternal; therefore, all your actions, thoughts, and ideas should be based on the infinite not the finite.  Finite thinking will keep you trapped in the illusion.   This is why Christians are taught that Christ rose from the dead and ascended into the heavens.   His consciousness rose from the root chakra to the crown and he experienced bliss. 

This Sunday, we are hosting our own Easter Live Chat Webinar entitled, “Kundalini Rising.”  Our participants will learn about the ancient Christ energies that can be resurrected in themselves.  If you are not a member and would like to take part, you can purchase a one-time pass in our online store.  We will teach the mysteries behind the Christ metaphor so you too can be resurrected to the God-head.  This is one Easter service you can’t afford to miss! 

The steps presented in this article are just the beginning of a grand potentiality that all members of the Golden Race can experience.  The planet is experiencing her own resurrection and as a result all of her children are awakening in consciousness.  Once this divine plan is fulfilled, many who are now asleep will discover that the ancient Easter ritual they faithfully attended was a celebration of their own Christ consciousness that was predicted to rise within themselves.

The Lost Knowledge of Crystal Healing

“And he answered and said unto them, I tell you that, if these should hold their peace, the stones would immediately cry out.”  Luke 19:40 
 Stones “crying,” does that make any sense to you?  It would if you understood the science of crystals and their hidden properties.   If you are unfamiliar with these precious gems, we highly recommend you continue reading.

Everything on this realm has consciousness because we live in a mind-matrix reality.  Our ancestors referred to this form of energy as spirit forces.  So, even your rock formations such as crystals possess reserved radiated energy.  Worldwide, from Africa to the Americas, our ancestors intuitively identified the power of crystals. They incorporated these precious stones into their daily lives, using them in rituals, for medicine, and in divination.  
They used crystals to release physical, mental, and spiritual blockages.  When you place them on various parts of your body, they can reconnect you to the healing energies of the planet.  The scripture written above reflects this ancient knowledge that there is a connection between crystals and humans. Like humans, each crystal has different properties and energies.  Therefore, you can use crystal energies for healing as each one has a specific resonance that can heal and bring your body back into balance.
This ancient knowledge was lost during western colonization and has just recently been reintroduced into the western planetary consciousness with the “new age” movement.  The incredible healing properties of crystals and gemstones has led to a resurrection of ancient Crystal healing.
What is Crystal Healing?

Crystal healing is a form of natural healing that uses crystals or gemstones primarily by placing them on specific energetic centers of the body called “chakras.”  In Hindu, Chakra means spiritual energy.  According to this ancient teaching there are seven basic energy centers in the body.  Each center has a specific color associated with it.  By placing a crystal that has a corresponding color on the body’s energetic center, it enhances the person’s energy flow.  This occurs because crystals can direct the flow of energy in a person to a specific part of the body, thus bringing homeostasis.  

 Crystals can also be used to cleanse a person’s aura from bad or negative energy which is believed to cause an illness.  By removing the negative spiritual energy, it eases the ailment.  We can use crystals for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing.  In fact, many people visit “crystal healers.”  Professional nurses are being trained to use crystals to aid their patients.  Crystal healing is a modality we encourage every member of the Golden Race to incorporate into their normal health practices.   It is safer than prescription drugs and has no known side effects. 

To ensure all our members have access to this ancient knowledge we have added a short Crystal Healing home-study course to our Mystery School. 

This course will teach you:

The Identifying properties of crystals
How crystals function
How to interface their energies with your body
How to charge your crystals
How to program your crystals
How to care for your crystals
Healing techniques
and Much More!!

There is NO enrollment fee and NO application to complete.  Purchase your course and start learning today!  Members receive a discount on all our products purchased in our online store.   

Crystal healing is very easy to learn and to use.  Don’t delay, learn more today!